Bushido Tournament Daimyo of the South 05/04/20



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We’re back with our yearly Bushido tournament. 4x 100 Rice games in one day.
Prizes arranged for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, best painted and last place.

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There are some rules particular to the RBL venue:
• No wearing of headress in the bar (some exemptions)
• No wearing of offensive garments
• No exposed shoulders/midriff
• No consumption of beverages not bought on premises

Event costs may include the purchase of special terrain and/or equipment required to run the event as well as travel expenses for any organisers living outside the PO post code.

All profits go to the Royal British Legion Portsmouth South. The venue, unless otherwise stated, is the RBL Portsmouth South.
We always make a minimum donation to the RBL charity, regardless of the number of tickets sold.

We don’t generally offer refunds of tickets bought in advance, though may consider special circumstances.


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