Royal British Legion Mess Rules

As many of you are aware, the SWC operates in a Royal British Legion. The Legion is a charity organised along military lines, and all of its facilities are treated as a military mess. As a mess there are certain ways to behave and customs to be observed. All of these have a certain tradition behind them, and are now just a bit of fun and formality.

Since the club started, a certain level of behaviour and respect has always been expected.These rules have always been in effect, but as time has worn on and new members join, they have become forgotten. Please take the time to read and appreciate what is presented.

The following are not allowed by the venue and may result in you being asked to leave:

  • Wearing of hats in the bar (women exempt)
  • Wearing of offensive garments
  • Exposed shoulders/midriff
  • Consumption of beverages not bought on premises

These may result in a fine by the club:

  • Not packing a table/terrain away
  • Using the wrong terrain for the table
  • Packing away after 2300 hours
  • Damaging club property and not reporting it
  • Non-payment

These are club offences, and breaking them infringes on other peoples enjoyment of the facilities, or forces others to work on your behalf.

Should an offence be committed, the players (members only) involved will be fined £1 per offence. Committee members will be charged £2 per offence.

At the end of the month (last tuesday of the month), every member of the club will be presented with their ‘mess’ bill. This is to be paid before the next bill is presented.

All fines will be kept until the end of the club year (31 August) when the council will then put the money behind the bar for all members to benefit.