Members’ Businesses & Projects

Master Crafted Miniatures is owned by one of our members, distributing and producing high quality miniatures and components.

Core Games Events Twitter link

Events and painting services.

Robot Dice Explosion is a couple of members talking about tabletop miniatures and board games.

Local Businesses

Dice is a board game lounge in Southsea, Portsmouth
A Fistful of Dice is our local independent gaming shop. Talk to them or one of the committee officers about how to get your discount card.
GamesQuest is a family owned business stocking games and collectables.

Local Clubs

Portsmouth On Board Facebook Group

Board games every other Wednesday downstairs at the same venue.

Dark Worlds Gaming Society (Fareham) Facebook Group

Roleplaying games on Tuesdays, all games on Sundays.

Havant Wargaming Facebook Page

Tabletop and board games three Thursdays per month.

Pompey Pirates (Waterlooville) Facebook Page

Tabletop games on Thursdays.

Unreal Dimensions Gaming Club (Waterlooville) Facebook Group

Roleplaying and tabletop games on Sundays.

Waterlooville Tabletop Gamers Facebook Group


Gosport Wargaming Club Facebook Group

Tabletop games on Saturdays.

Black Hole Wargamers (Petersfield) Facebook Group

Portsmouth & Allied Wargames Society 


UPRAW – University of Portsmouth Facebook Group


Southampton Sluggaz Facebook Group