Solent Wargamers Club

Solent Wargamers Club is a club in Portsmouth catering for players of all sorts of games. Our emphasis, with our great selection of scenery and boards, is on tabletop wargames, but we also play board and card games regularly. We meet every Wednesday evening, from 7-11pm, upstairs in the Portsmouth South British Legion, just one minute’s walk from Fratton train station.

There is a car park, but please remember you must enter your registration on the tablet at the bar. Please ask the bar staff if you are uncertain on how to do this.

Due to club regulations all gamers must be at least 18 years old.

Wargames, Card & Board Games

We play many different wargames such as Age of Sigmar, 40K, Malifaux, Blood Bowl, Bushido, Bolt Action, Infinity, X-Wing, Art De La Guerre, and DBMM, as well as board and card games. We have a small selection of board games at the club.

All are welcome (over 18). Just pop along and ask for a council member or introduce yourself on the Facebook group and we’ll try to sort out a game for you, though we recommend arranging games in advance, either through the forums or FB.

Spectators are welcome to attend free of charge and if it is your first night playing you play for free.

Membership & Prices

Membership has no cost but requires the club to record your contact details. Casual attendance is fine if you do not agree to this, but you will be unable to purchase club merchandise, represent the club at events and vote at the AGM.

A season pass is available and costs £60 for the year, expiring at the next AGM (usually the first meeting in September). The fee is reduced by £5 each month after the September.

Game fees are as follows:

  • Standard games (usually 6’x4′ & 4’x4′ boards) = £2 per player
  • Small games (usually card & board games) = £1 per player

Pricing assumes reasonable use of club resources. Additional cost may apply where resource usage is excessive and preventing games by other attendees. Small games are defined by the collecting committee member. 

How to Find Us

Royal British Legion Portsmouth South
1 – 3 Lucknow Street