Solent Wargamers Club Constitution – 08/09/2015

Article 1: Name & Purpose

  1. Name: The club will be called Solent Wargamers Club.
  2. Purpose: The purpose of this club shall be:
    1. to provide facilities and equipment for members to play tabletop games with miniatures.
    2. to provide facilities for members to play board and card games.
    3. to provide tools to allow for members to meet new players and arrange games.
    4. to support members in arranging events outside of regular meetings.
  3. Assets:
    1. The club will be a non-profit organisation.
    2. All assets of the club shall belong to members whose membership term exceeds 6 months.
    3. If the club closes, the assets will be distributed to those members as evenly as possible.
    4. The club shall have an appropriate bank account, with read-only internet banking. At least two officers to be registered on the bank account, with two required as signatory.

Article 2: Membership & Dues

  1. Eligibility: Membership shall be open to any person over the age of 18 upon payment of the dues for at least one game, as outlined in Section C, and submission of full name and at least one contact method.
  2. Non-member attendees:
    1. The club facilities and equipment shall be made available to non-members.
    2. Attendees should be over 18 and must be over 16. 16-17’s is at the discretion of officers.
    3. Under 16’s may visit the club before 8pm if accompanied by an adult.
  3. Dues:
    1. The dues for playing games will be charged per player:
      1. £2 for a standard game
      2. £1 for a small game
    2. A small game is defined as any game requiring a single table.
      1. Where more than two players are playing a game which would otherwise be defined as a standard game, this game may be defined as a small game at the discretion of the collecting committee member.
      2. In some circumstances, when a game makes use of more club resources than is normal, and this may negatively impact other attendees, the collecting member may ask for a supplement to the normal game fees.
    3. A ‘season pass’ is available to members for £60 for the year, being reduced by £5 each month after the yearly AGM. This waives all dues at regular meetings, but not supplements.
  4. Membership benefits:
    1. Members are entitled to vote at the club AGM or any EGM, provided they have attended at least one quarter of club meetings since the last AGM.

Article 3: Officers

  1. Officers: The officers shall be:
    1. President
    2. Treasurer
    3. Secretary
    4. Community Representative
    5. Community Representative
  2. Eligibility:
    1. Officers must be existing members of the club and must have attended at least one quarter of the meetings held during the past 12 months to be eligible for elections.
    2. Officers must nominate themselves for a position at least 28 days prior to the AGM.
  3. Election: Officers shall be elected by ballot at the AGM by a majority vote cast for that office.
  4. Term: Officers shall serve for one year and their term of office shall begin at the end of the AGM at which they are elected.
  5. Vacancy: If a vacancy occurs in any office they shall be filled following a special election.

Article 4: Duties of Officers

  1. President:
    1. Preside at meetings of the committee and the AGM.
    2. Vote at meetings of the committee only in case of a tie.
    3. Represent the club.
    4. Manage the tasking of other committee members.
    5. Perform such other duties as ordinarily pertain to this office.
  2. Treasurer:
    1. Receive all funds and approve expenditures by other officers in excess of £50.
    2. Keep an itemised account of all receipts and expenditures.
    3. Make monthly deposits of cash to the club bank account.
    4. Take steps to minimise the risk of fraud.
    5. Be the registered addressee for bank correspondence.
  3. Secretary:
    1. Record the minutes of all committee meetings.
    2. Keep a file of the club’s records.
    3. Maintain a current roster of membership.
    4. Issue notices of committee meetings.
  4. Community Representatives:
    1. To encourage, support and facilitate the running of events, both internal and external.
    2. To promote and support the club in person and through the internet.
    3. To support any members wishing to run events.
    4. To gauge the requirements of the players and research the best way of fulfilling them.
  5. First Aid: At least one officer should be trained as a First Aider. At least one First Aider will be present at all club meetings where possible.

Article 5: Club Meetings

  1. Meetings:
    1. Regular meetings shall be held weekly on a Tuesday.
    2. At least one official will be present at each club meeting, regular or special.
    3. All attendees are expected to conduct themselves appropriately, with no discrimination of others.
  2. Special meetings:
    1. Special meetings may be requested by any member.
    2. To be approved, venue booked and event supported by the Community Representatives.

Article 6: Committee

  1. Responsibility: Management of this club shall be vested in a committee responsible to the entire membership.
  2. Membership: This committee shall consist of the officers as listed in Article 3.
  3. Monthly meetings: requiring a minimum of 3 committee members.
  4. Quarterly meetings:
    1. Require the presence of all 5 committee members.
    2. To be arranged at least 3 months in advance.

Article 7: Amendments

  1. Selection: this document may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership.
  2. Notice: all members shall receive advance notice of the proposed amendment at least 5 days before the meeting.