The club returns on Wednesdays from the 2nd of June, at the usual time of 7pm – 11pm. As we need to manage attendance for a few weeks until the final covid restrictions are lifted, there will be a bookings system in place. We can take up to 12 tables of 2 players, for a total of 24, allocated on a first come first served basis (only 2-person tables for now, sorry).

Please ensure you wear a mask when entering the club and collecting/putting back terrain and boards. Once at the table you may remove your mask. Don’t forget to sign in on arrival, and if you have parked in the car park sign your registration in at the bar – failure to do so could result in a parking fine.

The cost to play will now be a flat £3 per person regardless of what sized game you are playing. To book a table please put you and your opponents names down below and Paypal £6 to [email protected] Tables aren’t reserved until payment is received.

All of these changes are part of a limited trial we have organised with the British Legion for 8 weeks to make sure they are right for us and right for them. Once the 8 weeks are up we will be meeting with them to finalise how much we will be paying to hire the hall. It may be the case that the price to play could change depending on this discussion. We have managed to keep the price of playing incredibly low for many years but sadly we have no choice but to raise the price in order for the club to be financially sustainable.

We can’t wait to see you back gaming!

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