Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Final Report

The weekend of the 7/8th October saw 86 finalists of three heats compete against each other to be proclaimed the Age of Sigmar champion.  I was fortunate enough to qualify at Heat One, but more on that later.


Initially I had planned to take a Skaven horde to the finals, and used a Hampshire Hammerers event as a warm up.  Whilst it showed potential, it didn’t perform how I would have liked.  Instead, I wrote a Stormcast list I thought may play more to my style.  I had two weeks to buy, assemble and paint it.  Although I accomplished this, it did not meet my standards for painting.  So it was that I took my Skaven as originally planned:

Grey Seer: General, Cunning Deceiver
Warlock Engineer
Screaming Bell: Crown of Conquest
40 Clanrats
40 Clanrats
40 Clanrats
40 Storm Vermin
Warp Lightning Cannon
Warp Lightning Cannon


I learnt quickly that keeping massive regiments on movement trays was a huge disadvantage and, as soon as they could move, I discarded them.  Thankfully, as I’m used to hordes, this didn’t slow my games down.  I made the same mistake in to games, which cost me victories, which was committing my Storm Vermin too soon behind a Clanrat screen.  To see it happen, check out round four on the Warhammer TV Twitch channel!

Warhammer TV

I had the absolute pleasure of being able to play on GW’s live stream.  There aren’t many experiences in the hobby that can compare to this, it was like a prize in and of itself!  The game itself is semi-umpired, or marshalled.  There are the two presenters, who do not interact with the players at all, plus the webmaster and umpire.  The umpire updates the stream with key information, and needs to ask gameplay questions of the players.  This is why games on the stream don’t look as natural as they otherwise would.  My biggest worry was playing a turkey of a game and being boring, but I hope it proved otherwise! (As of yet, I have not watched it)


I am not ashamed to admit that I spent more than a few hours in GW’s local, and even had some XXXX’s.  Having been to more than a few events at WW, I can say that this visit had some of the best food they’ve ever put on.  Saturday evening was topped off with the ever popular gaming quiz, which Bruce Hammer placed somewhere between top and bottom.  But we did score maximum points for the design a new faction sketch, thanks to the overzealous use of glitter crayons.


New GW ™ have embraced matched play and this event has proven they can marry that to their ‘spirit of the game’ ethos.  If all their future events are run to this standard, I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.  There is one exceptional effort they made to me, personally, however.

It transpired that they had made an error in Heat One with scores, in that they had not applied the tie breaker correctly.  To make up for this, they awarded me the ‘Champion of Death’ trophy for my performance, which makes it unique amongst GT trophies!

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