The Solent Wargamers Blood Bowl League

The Solent Wargamers Blood Bowl League (SBBL) is starting soon!

Before it gets underway, there will be two weeks of warm-up games to help new players learn the game and old players remember where they put their dice! Arrange games or drop down for a pick-up game. The league commissioner will be more than happy to help you find an opponent! Facebook events are here:

To welcome some new players who may never have played the game, and also embrace the new reboot with cool models, the rules are as follows:

  1. The following rulebooks are required/allowed:
    • Rules from the new box
    • Deathzone Season 1 (DZ)
    • Teams of Legend (ToL)
    • The Errata (ERR) & The FAQ (FAQ)
    • The Slann team
  2. If players have their own pitches, they should bring them, though we do have a couple of spares.
  3. The league will run a number of seasons. Season 1 will be from Feburary 2017 till June. From July we will restart and call this ‘Season 2’. I don’t see why we need to stop ever and I’m happy to continue this for future years.
    • Each season will be run on Tuesdays at the club and all games are to be recorded.
      • Game results are to be reported on the forum. Any results posted that feature a match report will receive a 10,000 gold bonus to both teams, at the discretion of the league commissioner. This is to encourage our hobby and may stop after the first season 1.
    • At the end of a season each team submits its best three results. A win is 3 points, a draw 1 point and 0 for a loss.
    • The top two teams will play each other in a final, with both teams getting 100,000 gold for making the final. Hopefully we get this game played within four weeks and the next season will begin. (no semi game will be required, because we are far too causal!)
    • Tie breaks are, in order: touchdowns scored plus casualties scored over the season, fan factor, touchdowns, casualties received, and number of players on the roster.
  4. At the end of the season we will retire players and rehire as described in the new Deathzone campaign book. I will edit this statement to make it clear to older players in the next week.
    • The number of games defined in a ‘season’ will be based on whoever plays the most games in the club e.g. if Betty plays the most games in season 1, at 11, we will re-hire on the basis of 11 games with touchdowns and casualties.
    • Spiralling expenses will be set at 1550TV. This is quite low and reflects we have a number of casual players who we wish to enjoy the game as much as die-hards.
    • Retirement will be in effect.
  5. Cards and advanced rules
    • The 5th edition now offers cards for every game and we will use this because it’s fun. Rules have evolved and with new models coming we will continue to adopt new rules if they appear – like the new Halfling ref for example.
    • All the optional skills will be used, so therefore we will have pilling on.
  6. Inflammatory forum posts or social network posts shall cause the offending coach to lose their income on their next game. This should not occur, but it’s to ensure we play casual and have fun and don’t get hot about anything.
  7. Juck will be the league commissioner and should be consulted regarding any and all disputes.
  8. Blood is running an event from February for a Blitzmania league. We hope to tie into this as far as possible when we know the details.

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