Batman: Starting a Joker Crew

So what interests me about the Batman Miniature Game? After playing and enjoying Flames of War for many years, the realistic colour scheme can be a bit samey. At Colours two years ago I came across the BMG and loved the models, particularly as I am a fan of the films and the video games. However, the price of the models and a quick scan of the rules initially put me off.

Now, with a bit more time on my hands, I want a break from realistic wargaming with something more cinematic, more individual and more chaotic. And what could be more chaotic than the Joker?!

Why Joker? I like a bit of creative chaos, and the models are gaudy, with anarchy reigning in the rules and the paint scheme. I briefly looked at the variety of Jokers available from Knight Models (more here) but to be honest, Heath Ledger is my Joker and arguably one of the most iconic villain performances in cinema.

Easy choice, and a great model too. Good gun, an OK-ish knife but the effect he has on your opponents plans (Kaos Agent), your own crew (Trickster) and the ability to blow up your own henchmen in a blaze of glory really sells him for me.

Back to the crew lists, and to the games, for a thumper of a character to give brute force to the Joker’s subtlety. While I like the Arkham Harley models, I wanted to go BIG for my sidekick, so Mr Hammer was next up. Great close-combat stats, high endurance, with Resilient too, and the ability to charge in should keep him swinging and chewing up henchmen or other sidekicks. Smash!

I was looking for a bit more of a ranged-threat with my Free Agent, having read how guns can be very effective in the Game. I looked at DeadShot but he didn’t persuade me, either Stats or Model; neither did Deathstroke (Comic) due to high points cost. However, the Hush model looks great and not too expensive, with his two automatic guns and suite of special rules. In addition, when paired with Joker removing an enemy token and Hush adding  a friendly one, and Hush cancelling an enemy Strategy the odds tilt rapidly in your favour allowing this crew to take and keep the initiative. Plus, again, how cool does he look?!

So on to the crew. Joker’s crew can be swarming with low-pointed goons, or high pointed specialists, so a wide variety of choice. From my intro game I love how effective axes can be, none more so than held by Master of Ceremony. Nice model based on the video games, good defence and attack stat line means he should be in the thick of the action, swinging and leading the other henchmen into the bloodshed. In a similar vein, August’s axe should be paired up here along with Axel/Prisoner 03 (who I’ll be painting up with a big purple J on his hoodie, to make him Heath’s!).

Time for some more numbers, with 46 points left to use. I’d like Sniggering for his highly-effective gun, but it’s a lot of $ leaving very little elsewhere. Borgon is also tempting, but would leave me too Elite and too small for a beginner player.

The new Harley goon (Clobber) with a large wrench is a must-have, for low points-cost dealing significant damage. 30 points to go, I can either pair him with Punker’s Chainsaw with goad, or a cheap pairing of Tubez (Tube Clown ) and Bruze (Knife Clown). I’ll probably go for the latter, to keep up the numbers, and I can detonate them if they fail me! But I’ll buy Punker as a swap-in.

Lots of money left over, with only Hush spending it so far. I won’t need Flare as I haven’t gone big on the long-range firearms. We’ll add two lots of Clown Paint to Distract higher-defence foes and swarm them with axes. An extra Ammo Clip for Joker to keep pumping out shots without having to resort to the coup-de-grace knife. And a pair of Grapple Guns, dramatically increasing the movement of my goons and allowing them to begin swinging early. $50 to spare, I’ll spend on Latte’s for the post-game debrief.

So here’s my full tourney ready list, no idea if it’s effective but it’s fun and that’s what I’m going for.

For my smaller lists, difficult choices but I’ll be playing with;

150pts 250pts 350pts
Joker Joker Joker
Master Hush or Mr Hammer Mr Hammer
Axel Master Hush
Tubez or Bruze Axel Master
August Axel
Clobber or Bruze August


Thanks for reading!

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