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Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Final Report

The weekend of the 7/8th October saw 86 finalists of three heats compete against each other to be proclaimed the Age of Sigmar champion.  I was fortunate enough to qualify at Heat One, but more on that later.


Initially I had planned to take a Skaven horde to the finals, and used a Hampshire Hammerers event as a warm up.  Whilst it showed potential, it didn’t perform how I would have liked.  Instead, I wrote a Stormcast list I thought may play more to my style.  I had two weeks to buy, assemble and paint it.  Although I accomplished this, it did not meet my standards for painting.  So it was that I took my Skaven as originally planned:

Grey Seer: General, Cunning Deceiver
Warlock Engineer
Screaming Bell: Crown of Conquest
40 Clanrats
40 Clanrats
40 Clanrats
40 Storm Vermin
Warp Lightning Cannon
Warp Lightning Cannon


I learnt quickly that keeping massive regiments on movement trays was a huge disadvantage and, as soon as they could move, I discarded them.  Thankfully, as I’m used to hordes, this didn’t slow my games down.  I made the same mistake in to games, which cost me victories, which was committing my Storm Vermin too soon behind a Clanrat screen.  To see it happen, check out round four on the Warhammer TV Twitch channel!

Warhammer TV

I had the absolute pleasure of being able to play on GW’s live stream.  There aren’t many experiences in the hobby that can compare to this, it was like a prize in and of itself!  The game itself is semi-umpired, or marshalled.  There are the two presenters, who do not interact with the players at all, plus the webmaster and umpire.  The umpire updates the stream with key information, and needs to ask gameplay questions of the players.  This is why games on the stream don’t look as natural as they otherwise would.  My biggest worry was playing a turkey of a game and being boring, but I hope it proved otherwise! (As of yet, I have not watched it)


I am not ashamed to admit that I spent more than a few hours in GW’s local, and even had some XXXX’s.  Having been to more than a few events at WW, I can say that this visit had some of the best food they’ve ever put on.  Saturday evening was topped off with the ever popular gaming quiz, which Bruce Hammer placed somewhere between top and bottom.  But we did score maximum points for the design a new faction sketch, thanks to the overzealous use of glitter crayons.


New GW ™ have embraced matched play and this event has proven they can marry that to their ‘spirit of the game’ ethos.  If all their future events are run to this standard, I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.  There is one exceptional effort they made to me, personally, however.

It transpired that they had made an error in Heat One with scores, in that they had not applied the tie breaker correctly.  To make up for this, they awarded me the ‘Champion of Death’ trophy for my performance, which makes it unique amongst GT trophies!

Daimyo of the South 2017 Report

Bushido 42 Rice Tournament 18/03/2017

Many thanks to all who attended our (3rd?) annual Bushido Tournament. Great to see the club represented well, host the returning Bromley crew (always a pleasure), and welcome some new attendees from as near as Eastleigh and as far as Ramsgate! Special thanks to those who helped with setup and tidying up afterwards, to Adam for his fancy Excel spreadsheet, and to Andrew for the loan of his boards. His lakeside board is outstanding:

A great day all round. Congratulations to the winners. My apologies to Luke and Craig for prematurely writing on the 3rd place certificate – I hadn’t realised how close the competition for bronze would be! Many ties for places throughout the table, too.

I understand Adam is writing up a battle report or four over on the official Bushido forums and I’ll be editing together a video of the final-round battle for first place in the next few days.

I’d be grateful if everyone could send me any rules questions they remember coming up so that I can check my ruling with Master Enos and perhaps add them to the next errata. I know he’s also particularly interested in hearing reports of the KKZ Hail of Steel spam, to judge whether he needs to address it in a future rules update.

Adam, Tom and I are looking forward to attending the Grand Masters tournament at the UK Games Expo on the 2nd of June. I know Ole and James are hoping to come, and I hope more of you can join us. Should be a great weekend. After that, we look forward to another event in Bromley and a first one in Kent. Perhaps even a second event at Solent Wargamers Club.

Podium & Best Painted

Congratulations to James for winning best painted. Well deserved!




Final Standings & Warbands

1st Place (31pts) (9 VPs)

Paul Looker – Cult of Yurei

Yama Uba 9
Taka 8
+ Kimiko’s Whistle +1
Penanggalan 7
Nezumi 7
Gaki 6
Kami of the Blighted Earth 4
Theme: Nightmare of Jigoku

2nd Place (25pts) (8 VPs)

Ed Kichenside – Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Tsubaki 7
Saki 7
Wasupu 6
+ Hotai’s Coin +1
2* Kyoaku-Han Crossbowman 10 (2*5)
2* Kyoaku-Han 8 (2*4)
Theme: Jade Rose Gumi
Event: Dark Secrets 1 (2-1)
2* Event: Bought Loyalty 2 (2*1)

3rd Place (24pts) (7 VPs)

Craig Collie – Tengu Descension

Kanut 10
Qimmiq 7
Taliriktug 7
Tarobo 7
Zenkibo 6
Zephyr Guard 5
Theme: Shepherds of the White Mesa
Kami of the Strong West Wind FREE


4th Place (23pts) (7 VPs)

Luke Ashworth – Tengu Descension

Kanut 10
Sanjakubo 8
Tarobo 7
Scout of the Blue Gale 6
Maniitok 6
Hill Tribe Warrior 5
Theme: Shepherds of the White Mesa
Kami of the Strong West Wind FREE

4th Place (23pts) (6 VPs)

Ole Larsen – Ito Clan

Kaihime Ito 9
+ Hotei’s Coin +1
Kenzo Ito 10
+ Arashi’s Fan +1
2* Temple Asp 12 (2*6)
Red Akimoto 6
Shimogama Viper 3
Theme: The Blessed

6th Place (18pts) (6 VPs)

Adam Cross – KKZ

Shizuka 9
+ Shuriken +1
Bikou 9
Kouhei 10
+ Shuriken +1
Ghost 10
+ Shuriken +1
Event: Smoke Bombs 1
Theme: House of the Long Shadow

7th Place (15pts) (4 VPs)

James Goddard – Tengu Descension

Naigubu 10
Sanjakubo 8
Tarobo 7
Nuniq 6
2* Zephy Guard 10 (2*5)
Event: Hotei’s Blessing 1

Theme: Ordered for Battle
Taliriktug 7
Ryuhobo 7

7th Place (15pts) (4 VPs)

Graham Mould – Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Manu 9
+ Hotei’s Coin +1
2* Pit Dogs 6 (2*3)
2* Kyoaku-Han 8 (2*4)
Sukuratchi 5
Hakushi 7
Wakasu Gorilla 6
Theme: Iron Fist Gumi


9th Place (14pts) (4 VPs)

Andrew Nash – Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Manu 9
+ Maniki-Neko +1
Daifukaia 10
Kami of the Burning Rage 4
Tsubaki 7
Wasupu 6
Pit Dog 3
Event: Bought Loyalty 1
Event: Dark Secrets 1

Theme: Ordered for Battle
Old Zo 6
+ Daikoken’s Coin String +1
+ Drunk on Sake +1
Senpu 6
+ Disguised +1

9th Place (14pts) (4 VPs)

Simon Crafter – Prefecture of Ryu

Lady Oka 10
Bikou 9
Grey Pilgrim 9
Matsu Takashi, The Thunder 8
Takashi House Guard 5
Event: Deflection 1

Theme: Ordered for Battle
Daisuke 4
Bachiko 7
+ Arashi’s Fan +1
Event: Hotei’s Blessing 1
Event: Amaterasu’s Riddle 2

9th Place (14pts) (3 VPs)

Tom Wilson – Ito Clan

Mizuki Ito 12
Naoko 8
Taisei 8
Satsuki 7
Sakura 7
Theme: The Blessed

12th Place (4pts) (0 VPs)

Damon Carlton – The Savage Wave

Kemono & Ushi 15
+ Knowledge of the Consumed +2
Rashka 14
Tra-Peng 5
Okina & Oto 5
Event: Unearthly Rage 1

Theme: Ordered for Battle
Jun 4
Slave 3
Event: Unearthly Rage 1
Event: Unearthly Rage 1
Event: Balance 1
Event: Hotai’s Blessing 1
Event: Cloud of Bats 1
Event: Spirit Catcher Wid Chime 1
Terrain: Hogo-sha Tree 1


Round 1 – The Idols

Ole 1 0 Damon
Graham 0 3 Luke
Craig 1 2 Paul
Andrew 0 3 Ed
Adam 3 0 Simon
James 2 0 Tom
 Round 2 – Ryodo

Ed 3 0 Luke
James 1 1 Adam
Ole 0 2 Paul
Craig 2 0 Damon
Simon 1 1 Tom
Andrew 1 1 Graham
 Round 3 – Reikan

Adam 1 2 Ed
James 1 2 Paul
Luke 1 1 Craig
Tom 0 3 Ole
Damon 0 3 Graham
Andrew 3 0 Simon
 Round 4 – Botoku

Paul 3 0 Ed
Ole 2 1 Adam
Craig 3 0 James
Andrew 0 3 Luke
Tom 2 0 Graham
Damon 0 3 Simon

Blood Bowl Tournament

A four-game 1M gold tournament. After each game, casualties will reset and one player can take an additional skill.
Awards for:
Golden Boot: For most touch downs.
Golden Fist: Most casualties and KO’s.
Golden Arm: Most successful passes.
Best Painted: Best painted team.

Ticket prices TBC. Probably around £5-8. All proceeds go to the RBL charity.

We have a limited number of boards, dice and templates. Players are encouraged to bring their own dice and templates. Players bringing their own boards are very welcome.

Full event rules are in the club forum topic.

Facebook Event.

You must use the Blood Bowl Competition Rules, and may field the new teams, available here.
Each coach should bring with them a printed version of the rules, at least pages 1-23 and 63-68, and their completed roster. Players and teams should be named.

Late War Armageddon Podcast

Check out the Beyond the Foxholes podcast from Breakthrough Assault, where they discuss in brief our recent Flames of War tournament, run by Craig:

Late War Armageddon

Evening all, just back from our clubs first FoW tournament and my first as a TO. Good fun, tiring though,think I might stick to gaming from now on!

Tank Coy, US 3rd Armd Div from Bridge at Remagen (RV)

iC uparmoured M4A3

Super Pershing ‘Daisy’ (CV)
Jumbo, 3 uparmoured Easy 8s
Recce with M2 halftrack and 2 unarmoured jeeps
4 Chaffees
3 Priests, Sherman OP (CV)
3 Sherman Crocodiles (CT)

Not the finest list in the world, I thought, but it mixed a big gun, fast tanks and flamethrowers.

Game One – Pincer against Adam’s Panzers

A very good winter board with blocked LoS. Adam put on his Panzer 4s blocking the objective, Panzerwerfers ready to roll and Panthers in ambush.

I advanced down the main road with my Shermans, while my Chaffees and Recce swung to the right to block the ambush and sweep down onto the rocket launchers. The Panzer 4s fell to the Easy 8s (after losing one) and artillery, but on came the panthers who tore apart the Shermans and my iC. Very painful. My consolation was the Chaffees flanking the Panzer 4 iC.

The Panthers went on the attack, beating on the recce.Although they came on a touch too far, with ToT priest bombardment and a wall of flame from the Shermans bailing and breaking the medium tanks. My Chaffees got no luck chasing down the rocket launchers, being shot up in turn by the reserve Semoventes. With nothing left to really chase down the objective and close to breaking the game ended 3-4, but I learnt a lot about my army against armoured forces.

Game Two – Counterattack against Dave’s Finns

In five years this is my first game against these guys, so I had a lot to learn. A lot of rockhard CV infantry hunkered down behind a riverline, with heavy artillery and PaK40s in ambush. Panzer 4s, AA SP, HMGs and Torni with his SMG crew waited to come on.

I was terrified of the Panzer 4s mauling my Shermans and the 15cms delivering hate from above so I held off with my medium armour until all the reserves were on the table. I lost artillery to the AT ambush, which also lured his tank-hunter infantry against the Priests only to be driven back and broken with the help of a spare Crocodile.

I swung my Chaffees and recce after the far objective, using the central farm complex to block LoS. On the reserve came, infantry in the woods while the SP AA tore apart my Chaffees through the front armour! Annoying little *!&&!^ that they are! The survivors fled to the objective, setting up in cover and finishing off the AA when they followed.

In the meantime my Super Pershing was targeted often by the 15cms and luckily survived three times being ranged in on. When the Panzer 4s came out to play, they suffered from the Easy 8s and Daisy and the game ended on turn 7 with nothing able to contest my Chaffees hunkered down. A good game against a great opponent, who was just a little unfortunate in not taking out the Chaffees from the front or Daisy from above.

Game Three – Surrounded against Mark’s Fallschimjager

I needed revenge. Desperately. We played on Tuesday together, Mark using many of my support options (Tigers, 88s, Nebs, Stuka, SP AA, StuGs that were finished at 6am this morning) and he whupped me with a strong combination of bombardments and effective AT fire. He deployed in the centre in a row of ruined houses, the 88s and Tigers blocking one whole flank where I put my artillery, concentrated my armour on his StuGs and prepared my light tanks and flames to clear out the objective-house of FJ with Schreks aplenty.

Oh, and did I mention he got double six on his Tiger Ace Rolls?! RoF3 and re-roll misses. I’ve never had that with these Tigers in years of playing.

I concentrated my fire on the StuGs, knocking out two with one surviving for four more turns. The newly bolshy Tigers went on the offensive against me, sweeping down the roads to encircle me from the rear. That’s right, heavy slow tanks on a pincer movement!! On the other side, the SP AA launched against my Priests, taking one with air taking another before falling to the OP Sherman. Until the Tigger threat was gone, I hid my Chaffees and Crocs in the woodline.

Eventually, the game swung my way, as the light tanks, iC and Crocs finished off the StuGs and Nebs in the centre. While Daisy took out a Tiger platoon commander, the other Easy8s were completely useless against the Tiger side armour. Finally, I used all 15 flame shots to sweep 8 FJ off the objective, ready for a Chaffee charge but it wasn’t needed, we called the game as 6-1. A strong ballsy performance from a new player who, with a bit more experience of the riles and a list he enjoys, could really own the local scene.

So to my surprise, with a list I wasn’t too sure of I ended up coming second Allied and overall! A good day was the best result, with things mostly going smoothly. Would I run this list again? Possibly not, nice toys but the list doesn’t seem to work together just yet. Would I run a tournament again? I’ll decide later, but thanks to everyone who came along, brought terrain and had a laugh, and especially to the newer players in the club and from outside, hope you enjoyed yourself!

Dave 46
Craig 45
Tom 44
>Ben C-L 43
>Mike 43
Matt 40
Ben 38
Adam 34
Chris 33
Nick 29
Paul 28
>Mark 25
>Axel 25
Dave (Finns) 22
Ed 11
Simon 5

Warfare Reading MW Tournament

Hey all. So two years ago I went to this event and got thoroughly whupped. However, I did end up buying a Zvedka KV-1 for my looted panzer platoon, but have only used it once in two years. Thus, when this tournament came round again I decided to build a list using it, and also one that could take on the Soviet Heavy Armour which I struggled against last time. Here it is, not the most competitive but…

  • CHQ with SMGs and Panzerknackers
  • Sniper
  • AT Rifle
  • 10 stand Pioneer rifle platoon
  • 7 stand Pioneer rifle platoon with trucks
  • 9 stand Luftwaffe R/MG platoon
  • Heavy platoon, 2 HMGs, 2 8cm mortars with trucks
  • Looted Panzer platoon, KV-1 with cupola
  • Schwere Panzer platoon, Tiger with Panzer III M support
  • ATG platoon, 2 PaK40
  • Limited BF109e

Game 1 – Counterattack vs. Russian Heavy Armour (FC)

Just as expected! But this time I was ready for the mass of Matildas, KV-1s and 2s, recce and light tanks. I built a multi-layered line of defences, so when the tanks came rattling forward I could slow them, and contract onto the objective while causing casualties.

I lost the 40s to a first-turn volley, but the iC helped with many re-rolls to keep the large pioneers around. My KV and HMGs kept the recce honest but the main effort was straight into my frontlines. In the end I had enough stands and could inflict enough losses in counter-assaults to blunt the attack, while the Tigger was untouchable. 5-2 win to me against a player who came 8th out of 26.

P.S. Having a sniper against an all-armour list is a bit daft!

Game Two – Surrounded vs. German DAK Panzergrenadierkompanie (CV)

I wish I defended.. Oh well, nice big open desert table and he deployed facing both ways. My plan was to be patient, wear him down, strike hard at both ends and break him at either end.

However, I didn’t stick to that plan, and first turn advance and got whupped. Second turn my counter-attack on his recce, using a flamethrower, pioneers and smoke failed miserably. No flames, no smoke, no assault and they got shot up and fled in turn. There was fire on the other end of the table as my KV went up in flames, and in the centre two three-flights of aircraft with ATGs and Tigers underneath were shot down to a man by unarmoured 2cm SPAAGs. Sigh…

With my offence limited, I now had to wear him down slowly. The mortars took out the SPAAGs, the sniper did nothing, the air did nothing, the 40s did nothing, the Tiger did nothing… However the recce got too adventurous, were lured close to the Luftwaffe who shot them up with the AT Rifle and assaulted, claiming a long, drawn-out 3-4 loss to me. I need to play smarter!!

P.S. this guy came second, a very fun game too and we promised when we next meet to play a more exciting game!

Game Three – Dust-up vs. Tankovy with 21 T-34s (FC)

I thought, great, nice open board for my guns to find his conscript tanks. However, I made a mistake from a lack of knowledge. I didn’t think you could assault from reserves, which with flamethrowers could have gotten mixed in and caused a lot of casualties. But, thinking I couldn’t, this left my KV, mortars, HMGs and small pioneer to get clubbed like seals.

The air couldn’t hit much, as he’d spread out, and there was a lot of pre-measuring to keep his tanks out of range. After knocking out half my platoons which came on, he surged forward, took losses, swamped me. Highly frustrating as this was another game which not much happened, but he did exactly what I would have done if roles reversed.

1-6 to Robin, who came 9th overall.

Game Four – Cauldron vs. Romanian infantry

My final game, which I desperately wanted to get 2 wins. 12 gun battery. Let me repeat that…

12 GUN BATTERY! CV, AT4, FP 4+ for only 330pts!! Which let him have ten platoons in total, mostly Veteran and he got to defend so that small deployment section was highly congested and waiting for me to get into the open…

I took what I learnt in the early games and wanted to slap around his reserves before turning on the blob over the objectives. To help, I used barbed wire to smother the centre and had units waiting either side to shoot-up and assault the ATGs/Rifle platoon/mortars/HMGs and light tanks. All the time, I used the tree blobs to block sight from the 12 guns and four observers, while keeping the game going by waiting close. Sniper and air tried to wear down the defenders while I was busy elsewhere.

In the end, I knocked out all of his reserves using the KV, the small pioneer and the Panzer IIIM. However, this took time and my opponent was playing for time (reading his army list in his turn, wandering off for ten minutes to talk to other people during his turn!!) which was annoying. I was VERY lucky in that I was just in range to flame with my big Pios, assault-too-succesful with the Tiger and the Luftwaffe which pushed him off the objective in the last minute of the game.

6-1 to me, even then he tried to claim a draw due to the time… He came 20th.

In general, a fun weekend with great tables. I ended up 12th out of 26, which I’m very pleased with. I’ll upload pictures later.

I need to pick a list with more mobility as I’m bored of sitting back passively, so my halftracks will be re-making an appearance for Brighton in March. The Tiger stays, as does the air. I need some recce, I might get some nebs, SPAAGs, Marders or more 40s… so lot of thinking ahead.


See the forum discussion here.