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Late War Armageddon Podcast

Check out the Beyond the Foxholes podcast from Breakthrough Assault, where they discuss in brief our recent Flames of War tournament, run by Craig:

Late War Armageddon

Evening all, just back from our clubs first FoW tournament and my first as a TO. Good fun, tiring though,think I might stick to gaming from now on!

Tank Coy, US 3rd Armd Div from Bridge at Remagen (RV)

iC uparmoured M4A3

Super Pershing ‘Daisy’ (CV)
Jumbo, 3 uparmoured Easy 8s
Recce with M2 halftrack and 2 unarmoured jeeps
4 Chaffees
3 Priests, Sherman OP (CV)
3 Sherman Crocodiles (CT)

Not the finest list in the world, I thought, but it mixed a big gun, fast tanks and flamethrowers.

Game One – Pincer against Adam’s Panzers

A very good winter board with blocked LoS. Adam put on his Panzer 4s blocking the objective, Panzerwerfers ready to roll and Panthers in ambush.

I advanced down the main road with my Shermans, while my Chaffees and Recce swung to the right to block the ambush and sweep down onto the rocket launchers. The Panzer 4s fell to the Easy 8s (after losing one) and artillery, but on came the panthers who tore apart the Shermans and my iC. Very painful. My consolation was the Chaffees flanking the Panzer 4 iC.

The Panthers went on the attack, beating on the recce.Although they came on a touch too far, with ToT priest bombardment and a wall of flame from the Shermans bailing and breaking the medium tanks. My Chaffees got no luck chasing down the rocket launchers, being shot up in turn by the reserve Semoventes. With nothing left to really chase down the objective and close to breaking the game ended 3-4, but I learnt a lot about my army against armoured forces.

Game Two – Counterattack against Dave’s Finns

In five years this is my first game against these guys, so I had a lot to learn. A lot of rockhard CV infantry hunkered down behind a riverline, with heavy artillery and PaK40s in ambush. Panzer 4s, AA SP, HMGs and Torni with his SMG crew waited to come on.

I was terrified of the Panzer 4s mauling my Shermans and the 15cms delivering hate from above so I held off with my medium armour until all the reserves were on the table. I lost artillery to the AT ambush, which also lured his tank-hunter infantry against the Priests only to be driven back and broken with the help of a spare Crocodile.

I swung my Chaffees and recce after the far objective, using the central farm complex to block LoS. On the reserve came, infantry in the woods while the SP AA tore apart my Chaffees through the front armour! Annoying little *!&&!^ that they are! The survivors fled to the objective, setting up in cover and finishing off the AA when they followed.

In the meantime my Super Pershing was targeted often by the 15cms and luckily survived three times being ranged in on. When the Panzer 4s came out to play, they suffered from the Easy 8s and Daisy and the game ended on turn 7 with nothing able to contest my Chaffees hunkered down. A good game against a great opponent, who was just a little unfortunate in not taking out the Chaffees from the front or Daisy from above.

Game Three – Surrounded against Mark’s Fallschimjager

I needed revenge. Desperately. We played on Tuesday together, Mark using many of my support options (Tigers, 88s, Nebs, Stuka, SP AA, StuGs that were finished at 6am this morning) and he whupped me with a strong combination of bombardments and effective AT fire. He deployed in the centre in a row of ruined houses, the 88s and Tigers blocking one whole flank where I put my artillery, concentrated my armour on his StuGs and prepared my light tanks and flames to clear out the objective-house of FJ with Schreks aplenty.

Oh, and did I mention he got double six on his Tiger Ace Rolls?! RoF3 and re-roll misses. I’ve never had that with these Tigers in years of playing.

I concentrated my fire on the StuGs, knocking out two with one surviving for four more turns. The newly bolshy Tigers went on the offensive against me, sweeping down the roads to encircle me from the rear. That’s right, heavy slow tanks on a pincer movement!! On the other side, the SP AA launched against my Priests, taking one with air taking another before falling to the OP Sherman. Until the Tigger threat was gone, I hid my Chaffees and Crocs in the woodline.

Eventually, the game swung my way, as the light tanks, iC and Crocs finished off the StuGs and Nebs in the centre. While Daisy took out a Tiger platoon commander, the other Easy8s were completely useless against the Tiger side armour. Finally, I used all 15 flame shots to sweep 8 FJ off the objective, ready for a Chaffee charge but it wasn’t needed, we called the game as 6-1. A strong ballsy performance from a new player who, with a bit more experience of the riles and a list he enjoys, could really own the local scene.

So to my surprise, with a list I wasn’t too sure of I ended up coming second Allied and overall! A good day was the best result, with things mostly going smoothly. Would I run this list again? Possibly not, nice toys but the list doesn’t seem to work together just yet. Would I run a tournament again? I’ll decide later, but thanks to everyone who came along, brought terrain and had a laugh, and especially to the newer players in the club and from outside, hope you enjoyed yourself!

Dave 46
Craig 45
Tom 44
>Ben C-L 43
>Mike 43
Matt 40
Ben 38
Adam 34
Chris 33
Nick 29
Paul 28
>Mark 25
>Axel 25
Dave (Finns) 22
Ed 11
Simon 5

Brighton Bash – September 2014


I attended the Brighton Bridges Tournament, LW, 1750pts from the Market Garden/Bridge by Bridge book. If any of my opponents spotted I’ve missed anything, let me know and I’ll make the changes.


I initially looked at the Brits as I’ve played the Germans a lot recently, yet few of the lists really caught my attention without buying and preparing a full new army (particularly difficult with a newborn taking up all my time). Next, I thought as a challenge a RT horde backed with many 88s and Tigers was the way forward, but I wussed out! I thought against Fearless Paras or Veteran tanks, I’d be huddled in my holes all weekend, so that was out. Then I fell on the SS-Kampfgruppe Arnheim, modelled on whatever troops were scraped together from all branches to counter the landing Paras. Fearless CHQ? Fearless troops with Fausts? Pioneers? Tigers, admittedly with all the drawbacks but still mounting that big gun and armour? Air? Anti-Air? 88s? And still able to get 9 platoons?! I liked this list, and it turns out some parts really delivered for me whilst others were less rewarding. So here it is;

SS CHQ (FV) iC with Faust SMG

SS Kampfgruppe platoon (FV), 2iC with Faust SMG, 2x Panzerschrek

SS Panzer Crews (FT), Cmd Faust SMG, 6 Faust MG with no tank terror tests

Heer Pioneers (CT), Cmd Pio Rifle, 6 Pio Rifle, Pioneer Supply Wagon

SS Rocket Launchers (FV), Cmd, Observer, 3 15cm Nebs

SS Armoured Anti-Air (FV), 2 Mobelwagens with 3.7cm

SS Anti-Tank (FV), Cmd SMG, 2 PaK40

Ersatz Panzers (CT), Panzer IV G, 2x Panzer III M all with Schurzens

Hummel Schwere (CT), 3 Tiger 1e with no Tiger Ace, no Wide Tracks, Unreliable, Overloaded

Luftwaffe Heavy AA (RT), Cmd SMG, 2 88s with extra crew, gun pits and trench line

Sporadic Fokke

SS KG Arnheim


Game 1 – No retreat vs Tom’s 82nd Airborne with Guards Armoured Support

This all came down to the roll off, as he had so many FV infantry and gun teams I would have struggled to make an impression without heavy losses. So glad I rolled low! Although this was to become an unwelcome pattern…

Tom CA’d his LMGs into the already large Para platoons to create two large blocks, supported by the Brit Shermans and US Armoured jeeps, with his mortars & 75mm howitzers  at the ready. I used barbed wire to slow the infantry and especially the jeeps, allowing more turns of indirect fire. My Panzer crews covered the right objective, my 88s had better field of fire covering the left, and my Nebs dug in to the rear. The pioneers were in ambush, ready to support whichever flank was hardest pushed.

DSC_0731 (800x450)

DSC_0729 (800x520)


DSC_0732 (450x800)

On Tom came, my air was absent and my Nebs flubbed. As he got closer, my Nebs flubbed and my air was absent. Only until these large FV platoons were almost on top of me did I manage to get involved! The Panzers came on to snipe at the Jeeps, only popping one (the rest took so much incoming and smiled it off the rest of the game!). His Para platoon assault on my right objective was very worrying, and almost won the game early. I had to throw in every vehicle MG, Rocket barrage, Rifle and MG shot to slow it down and slowly repulse this, particularly with my abysmal shooting.

DSC_0733 (800x450)

DSC_0735 (800x541)

The Firefly edged a little too close before the reserve armour was in range and got popped by the 88s, mostly nullifying this semi-indirect threat. In return, my left objective was attacked by more Paras, needing the fire of the AA, the 88s, even the observer to fight off a determined assault.

DSC_0734 (800x450)

By this point, with time running out, we decided to call it with his assaulting platoons mauled and my infantry and armour strong on both objectives. Despite the murder and mayhem, we had both survived thanks to Fearless so neither lost a single platoon! A good game, very lucky on my part with my saves and that first roll.

Game 2 – Breakthrough vs Gav’s Guards Armoured

In this game, my dice rolls were much better to start with, only to desert me JUST as I began making stupid mistakes and JUST as Gav’s full strength came on from delayed reserves.  Gav’s list featured Royal Artillery, Stuarts, Shermans with Fireflys, Guards Rifles and two M10s.

DSC_0737 (800x582)

My 88s, PaK40s, Air, even Nebs took a toll on the iC, Stuarts and Shermans early, but not enough quickly enough.

DSC_0736 (800x516)

The infantry and Schreks rushed to take up position covering the two objectives. I lost a Tiger to a 25pdr shell, and the 40s and Panzers to vengeful Stuarts.

DSC_0739 (618x800)

DSC_0738 (800x450)

The M10s came on, the Shermans came on and my AA and Tigers could do nothing. Stupidly, I decided to smoke only the M10s and one Firefly, hoping to plink one with four Tiger shots… forgetting I was being heavily punished by the Dice Gods. In return, that surviving Firefly plus his moving friends wiped out my Tigers and Mobelwagens, leaving my infantry hopelessly exposed. The 25pdrs turned their attention to the 88s but I must have dug VERY deep as they survived the rest of the game!! Air was non-existant until too later, but more on that later.

So the game would swing on my Panzer Crews and Schreks on the far objective, encircled by infantry and armour. The infantry tried an early assault but were repulsed, and slowly whittled down but not fast enough. My Nebs could do nothing against this clustered target, except provide smoke to cover my counter-assaults. Two Shermans broke off, shot up some pioneers in their way to partially overrunning my Rocket Launchers.

There was nothing for it but to use those Fausts and that Fearless to try to strip platoons away from Gav before I bled to death. I went in against the M10s, careful to minimise defensive fire with smoke and placement, still losing casualties but taking out that platoon. With my heavy losses, this platoon and the initial Shermans, this meant it was either a 4-3 or 3-4. Another bloody assault took out a Firefly and most of the Rifles. I finally got a three flight of Fokkes to turn on the Shermans but I couldn’t move away from the main threats enough despite much measuring, and when he finally turned on the 2iC he flubbed. Sigh.


In the end, I was too weak to stay in cover, and cover the objective, as time ran out. A well deserved win for Gav who runs his armour very, very well. Helped by that I lost the Tigers early and should have used the range of the 88s, Tigers and 40s far better. A repeat note for me in my final game, but my concern for Semi-Indirect was forefront.


Game Three – Fighting Withdrawal vs Billys CT Cromwells with US Para support

I’ve never played this in defence so this was interesting. With one temporary objective and the permanent on my right, I put my infantry and guns on this flank, protected from flanking by a minefield and V2 launch base. On my left, I put my Schreks, iC Faust into buildings surrounded by woods, with Tigers in ambush. All of Billys strength came down this flank, so I’d be hardpushed to get the shots downrange fast enough.  On his first turn, his self-propelled artillery failed to hit my centre, but many MGs and HE took down the observer in a building as they advanced at a fast clip. In return, I got no aircraft (again!), popped my Ambush away from the AT15 guns and killed two Stuarts (bailing one), and a further Cromwell. The Nebs in the centre hit the advancing Paras hard and my Panzers swung across using cover to act as a mobile reserve.

DSC_0740 (800x481)

Unfortunately and regrettably my opponent withdrew from the game at this stage, giving me a 7-0 score, and I had no opportunity to see how the game would develop. I was confident however that I could pull off a 6-1 or 5-2, particularly with my 9-platoons ignoring the first platoon loss, against trained tanks facing a lot of hedges, woods and AT guns. Maybe another tournament in future we’ll play again and it’ll go down to the wire.

End of Day 1, two fun games and one with a potential to have been. Back home to spend time with the in-laws.


Day Two

Game Four – Counter-Attack vs. Jamies UK Armoured.

Even less to say about this one, as despite my scheming after the premature end of game three Jamie was struck down by the Sunday incompetence of Transport for London and First Capital Connect, so a no-show and another unwanted 7-0. At least it gave me time to admire the other players models, tactics, and plan to take on Polish Tom at Dust-up on a board which I thought very favourable to me. This was not to be, as the tournament was re-jiggered and I was to face another very good player I’d played before, Skip, with an army and board that required a lot of luck to even stay in the game. Luck, whats that?!


Game Five – Dust-up vs. Skips armoured car coy

Sorry for the lack of photos, phone had died and far too tense a game. A village in the centre, two roads bisecting in the  middle, with low rises, cornfields and woodlines all around.

I put barbed wire down at the crossroads and across my nearest objective to thrwart the marauding recce. I needed not to bleed platoons and thus Victory Points if I wanted to stay competitive in the tournament, so I put five platoons in reserve and four on the board. My Panzers and Pioneers covered the village, with 88s and Panzer Crews tucked in covering the wire and nearest objective. Skip had his Shermans with two FFs hidden by haystacks awaiting my Tigers, 25pdrs fronted by infantry throughout, all covered by a ridiculously cheap, veteran, highly effective Bofors anti-air umbrella. No Fokke will get through that, never mind all the woodlines!

First four turns, very little as we awaited reserves, didn’t have targets and left the Luftwaffe on standby. My PaK40s came on, using what little cover there was to suicidally snipe the veteran Shermans at short-range, only bailing the Firefly. Surviving casualties and a morale test, it tried again to no avail and then was wiped away by Skip’s laser-guided smart-MGs… seriously, they should have 2+ FP!

Skip’s recce jeeps came scooting on and I was able to only get a couple and an observer under a three-flight of Air. Losing one plane to a self-defence AA, I was able to kill only the observer. This limited his 25pdrs effectiveness, sure…but that was all the air did.

On getting my reserves, I thought who dares wins! Or dies. Three Tigers come rolling up, hull-down, against two Shermans and a bailed Firefly, veteran, concealed. I needed to be very lucky, and I was. Three hits, three kills, astonished Craig. sherman

In return, the 25pdrs were unable to cause a kill and I rolled a six to survive a short-range AT15 response from the suriving firefly! In turn, in revenge for him semi-indirect splatting my virtually-defenceless AA, all Tigers ganged up on him killing the platoon. On this flank, I advanced the Tigers into assault with the infantry three times, supported by the Schreks and with pinning from the Nebs. Three times I bounced back, not losing a Tiger but losing time until they finally broke. The iC Staghound nipped in right at the end to contest the objective and keep the game alive, whilst Skip’s recce in the centre poured through, knocking out my AA and nearly the same with the rockets before they scampered for safety… towards the British lines!!


For Skip’s assault with his armour and heavy armoured cars, they gunned down the 88s who were incapable of hitting short-range Shermans…damn Luftwaffe. The Panzers survived little better, although the bailing of the Firefly by a long-range Panzer III was very helpful. In the end, the Panzer 4 was triple-bailed and politely decided to call it a day, also leaving the field. However, Skip pointed out the Dingo midget-car, which led the heavy armoured cars, had advanced a little too close to my iC and his Faust. Pop. Seriously, this car was so small I expected at least a dozen clowns to inexplicably climb out. But now the armoured cars were stuck in place unable to contest.


In came the Shermans, after a good round of shooting against the Panzer Crews. Skip initially thought he had taken two Faust DF hits, but I pointed out I was also pins so those 5’s were safe. The crew got mauled, but took down two Shermans before the iC also met his doom. Think it’s safer for these guys inside armour, not against armour. With this, I was below half but my Fearless leader inspired those around for one last effort. The nearby pioneers went in for the kill… or they didn’t, wussing out but staying mostly concealed and still within 4” of the objective.

If Skip stayed still here, it was a draw. If he shot me to death or assaulted me back, he’d have a clear claim and would win 4-3. If he lost, it’d swing against him. Full respect for throwing his armour in for one last do-or-die charge. The iC used his faust to bail one, the other took down a pioneer before the iC also knocked him off. Game over, draw but my objectives were uncontested so the most wafer-thin of victories, with bodies and armour burning all across the board.


So that’s it! Thanks Tom, Gav and Skip for great games and teaching me more about tactics, gameplay and rules; thanks to the organisers too for another excellent weekend with beautifully designed boards. I ended up second place axis, third overall which I was extremely happy with.

Knights Cross (Top Team) – the iC neutralising the Dingo, then both remaining Shermans whilst keeping his boys focussed and on-board.

Shot at Dawn (Biggest let-down) – My air was neutralised in the last, sure. But being unable to plink clustered Brit tanks and especially US Paras totally let me down. Bad Luftwaffe….


I’m already preparing for the clubs winter campaign, North Africa 1650pts, although should I go Irish or Churchills? (N.B. no Churchills apparently, hmmm… tough choices ahead).

And I’ve learnt a lot in running tournaments, which I’ll put to great use in Solent Wargames inaugural Late-Late War One-day tournament, would love to see players from this tournament and wider come on down. More details to come…


Thanks again, hope you enjoyed the read. Enjoy these shots from other games too.


DSC_0745 (800x752)

DSC_0741 (760x800)

DSC_0743 (701x800)

DSC_0744 (630x800)

DSC_0747 (800x428)


Blood on the Snow

Event report from Brighton Warlords’ “Blood on the Snow” Mid War 1650 points tournament.

My list

iC and 2iC with SMG Panzerkackers and halftracks
Gepanzerte Pio Pl with Pio SMG Panzerkacker, Pio MGs, 2.8cm halftrack, halftracks
Panzer Pio Pl with Pio SMG Panzerkacker, Pio MGs, trucks, pioneer supply truck
2 Tiger1e (early)
2 8-rads
2 armoured 2cm AA halftracks
2 Nebelwerfers with halftracks

Pincer vs.
Jon’s Tankovy (Fearless/Conscript)

BiC T-34/76
Ten T-34s/76
Eight T-70
Three BA-64
4 SU-85
9 Rota in Universal carriers with one flamethrower
Limited IL-66

Despite threat from the -85s, I decided to hold off the smoke-throwing Nebs; similarly, I had the terrain on my side to deter air until they were close enough for a wave-off, so no AA; and Recce was going to do squat against this lot at first! Therefore, I decided to interlink my two platoons of Pioneers between the terrain features, far enough back to lure the armour out of cover, using the minefield to funnel the attack and limit the road moves, whilst ensuring he needed to go around it to claim the objective.

Jon moved forward with his armour to close range, and I held off with the Tigers from ambush so that I had to only suffer one round of Air (which didn’t range in anyway). Pop goes the Tigers, with RoF3, and they start plinking away at the 2+ to hit T-34s as the Soviets move out of cover, close to the Objective, whittling away my front row of Pioneers. I do get very worried at the T-70s who swing round my flank, especially as none of my reserves can stand up to them… But Jon sticks with shooting, and misses the opportunity to press the objective from both sides.
Damn fearless troops, no matter how much you swat them they don’t leave the battlefield!! However, my plan works of limiting their movement, and knocking off enough of them that they are deterred from assaulting their my dug-in, veteran pioneers. My reserves come on and the 8-rads and AA start to shoot up the Rota, first in the carriers and then on foot, while the Nebs quickly scamper into my treeline and claim my rear objective.
It all came down to the final turn, his remaining -85 fails to bail/burn my Tiger, the Tigers defensive-fire drives off the remaining assaulting T-34s and his remaining assaulting SMG troops fail against the un-pinned, MG-toting Pioneers. 6-1, but could have swung either way with a few lucky rolls.

Breakthrough vs.
Skip’s Tankovy (Fearless/Conscript)

BiC T-34/76
Ten T-34s/76
Ten T-70
Four BA-64
4 SU-85
4 SU-122
Limited IL-66

A very similar army but more big guns. I was at a loss on how to set up on this one, and missed the opportunity to shut down two approach routes through pioneers in cover and a minefield. Oh well, hindsight is a wonderful thing! With mobile reserves, my pioneer supply truck laid a minefield on the far objective, hopefully forcing him to swing wide whilst my truck-bound pioneers used the trees to solidify on that. Also, I hoped to smoke the big SU’s allowing my Tigers (when they came on from Reserve) to focus on one of them at a time, before supporting the objectives. The AA and Recce, well not much to do for them other than not die stupidly and maybe keep the game going through sacrificial moves.

First mistake (other than minefield) was to forget the attacker had first turn, so had air, recce and even an SU shot on my barely concealed half-tracks and trucks!!!

Miraculously, the iC halftrack survived a 122mm shell on its broadside, before scampering off and leaving my iC to sprint to the cover of the far trees. The trucks lost the platoon commander as the planes came screaming down, but despite the loss they managed to run into cover and consolidate that far objective too. So far, so good…
The Tigers were late. Helpfully. But they got re-roll misses for their Tiger Ace, which could help against the Conscript horde steam-rollering towards the ford. Talking afterward, I should have smoked and fired at full RoF to hammer these platoons, but I wanted to stop this block of Russian armour, get close to avoid the air so I moved up to go toe-to-toe.

Probably not wise, remembering they have volley-fire in MW. I did take out two or three of each set of SU-, but suffered a bail and double-bail, plus was out of position as the T-70s came on and caught my pioneers foot-slogging to cover the objective (should have moved them sooner). With the recce stupidly disengaging from a few T-70 shots, I wasn’t in position to contest at start of turn 6.

Good game, against a great opponent (my vote for most sporting), but I made the following mistakes;
a) Minefield could have forced everything to go along the table edges to reach the fords, effectively cutting the armour out of the game or funnelling them towards my vet, dug-in pioneers.
b) Moved those pioneers to cover both objectives asap. Remember how the game ends/
c) Get more experience with Recce, know when to run and when to die.
d) Smoke with the nebs.
e) Stick to the plan!
1-6 loss (those fearless troops never run…), great laughs with Skip who had my vote for most sporting.

Fighting Withdrawal vs.
Polish Tom’s Rota (Fearless/Trained)

SMG inf blob
SMG inf Blob
4 76mm AT guns
6 120mm mortars
10 T-70s (again!)
3 BA-64 (again!)
4 SU-85s (again!)

Soviets love the sunshine!!
I played Counterattack against Tom last year, and I NEEDED to be attacker their or fall foul of Mobile Reserves again. Well, the dice were against me there and against me here, as I could have excelled as a defender on this mission with my Tigers running amock. Not to be, so I was attacking dug in troops, plenty of them, trained this time and with time counting against me. Tom was right, this is the most tactical of missions as the attacker needs to strike when they enemy is weakest, after withdrawing platoons, but not leave it too late to dominate uncontested objectives before these were withdrawn too.
I planned to press both flanks with mobile troops, forcing an ambush of their -85s so my Tigers could kill those and remove all threat to my heavy killers. Then, when they were weakened, swing round deep from both sides and overwhelm the last objective. I waited too long 🙁

My Tigers did pop the ambush, losing a tiger in exchange for two burned and one bailed assault gun, whilst the recce and Tigers waited. I lost one turn pinned on my left, before Tom left troops open to halftracks and I moved up there. With hindsight, I could have moved all my troops up at that point, once the SU- and T-70s were committed to the left, and won the game early. Nuts. Need more practice (and confidence) as the attacker. The Nebs took an awful lot of incoming but remained unscratched, well played!!

In the end, I lost my Tigers but the iC in his halftrack went solo right down the weakened middle, shrugging off mortar fire, winning the assault into the mortars and taking the objective (my halftracks on the left, too cautious, could only pour on fire and my 8-rads… At the end Tom could move the T-70s, fresh from mauling my infantry on the right, into contesting the objective and winning at the very end. Well played Tom, and justice for me sneaking an undeserved win last year.
End of the first day, and bit annoyed at myself for a few rookie mistakes from not studying the board and missions thoroughly enough, plus a bit of lack of confidence in attacking. Bring on the next day, but please not the infantry horde!

Early Sunday morning, what started as a joke turned into an idea, and thus was born my Crimea objective. Come and get it, Comrade!

Counterattack vs.
Pauls Motostrelk (Fearless/Trained)

2x 20-team Motostrelk with Kommissars
3 BA-64s
3 KV-85
Sporadic Flying Tank

A taste of the horde, and I lost the roll off so I was defending with most of my halftracks, recce, AA etc off the board. Joy. I set up a line of barbed wire where there weren’t cliffs, backed up by dug in Pioneer MGs in case either the KVs or infantry blobs came swarming on. With Nebs to back up, and Tiggs in ambush, I was ready.

Paul struggled with the speed of his army, there was open ground between him and the objective but he had a secret weapon… bullet proof Russians!! It took at least five MG hits per team to kill them, and the Nebs were less than kosher. Sporadic air? Pah! They turned up six out of eight turns, and never a single-flight either, knocking off a Neb and an 8-rad.
I played it cool however, and didn’t even pop the Tiggs when he doubled his heavies! I waited until he was close to unleash, so I could pop out of LoS of one KV and focus on the others with re-roll misses. Bang and Bail! In return, Paul got a three-flight Sturmo bearing down on my Tigg commander, and the KV remounted, but his infantry were so close the planes pulled up! Talk about tension on my part…

All this time, my pioneers that had re-located to the cornfield couldn’t dig in, so were shot at heavily but clung on. My AA and recce hid behind a hill, ready to feed in (die for a strategic purpose!) and keep objective alive if needed. The return fire from the Tiggers on the lone KV double-bailed him, causing a motivation…

The battalion iC helped with the re-roll…

And so both fled. Leaving the final untouched KV to face a motivation test…

After this, the Tiggers shot, the commander halftracks shot, the other pioneers shot, the Nebs shot, but bulletproof Russians was the name of the game. I think he lost five infantry teams out of fourty in eight turns of them being fout of foxholes…
Time ran out, defender wins with no platoons lost, 6-1.
A very fun game, against a list which would win best painted army. If I’d popped the ambush earlier, or the infantry didn’t wave off the planes, or the KVs had chanced it against the pioneers before their abysmal motivation luck, it would have been a 1-6 loss for me.

Dust-up vs.
Robin’s Tankovy (Fearless/Conscript)

2x 7 T-34/76s and 3 upgunned T-34/57s
3 BA-64 (every game these guys were poking around)
Rota platoon, 6 R/MG and a Flamethrower

I hate this mission! I played Robin with my last list, and he completely whupped me by mugging my reserves, arriving out of the protection of my Tigger, before mobbing my PaK40s and forcing a company break. This is why I changed my army, more mobility, double-down on heavy tanks.
A very open table, I dug in my two pioneers units behind barbed wire to stop any infantry and Rota coming swinging on from reserves, with the Tigers ready to move out and stop the on-board Tanks from mugging my reserves. However, the layout allowed me to speed on using transports and get my Nebs to my zone, which would prove critical later….

Whilst the on-board T-34s and Rota sat back, I kept my RoF 3 (again!) Tiggers to protect the infantry and objective. On came the T-34s, shooting not too successful at me, and my Tiggers began to wear them down. Meanwhile, it turns out these T-34s moved within 4” of me, so I launched an assault from cover onto the T-34s, resulting in several rounds of back-and-forth (some very good armour saves) before the armour-on-armour shooting swung it.

My 8-rads and AA came on and would be mullered no matter which direction so they both went in against the on-board Rota. Killed two, got flamed/shot/smacked around by the T-34s, Rota, BA-64s coming on from reserve but one 8-rad managed to survive… If I could withdraw it from the table, it wouldn’t count as destroyed…
Nope, he packed his bags and set fire to his armoured car on the way home. Cheers Gunter.

However, it did distract the T-34s and BAs for another turn, so when they both came swooping round to pick on the Nebs and my nearly broken infantry, my Tigers were able to bounce their assault, and keep shooting, shooting, till only the battalion commander remained. With it all to play for, he assaulted my Neb and I failed my motivation to go back in, resulting in a possible third unit lost, or use the iC and possibly lose him too….
The iC earned his pay, the Nebs passed to re-assault and the combined PanzerKnackers split open the battalion iC. Down to one platoon out of four, automatic break for the Soviets and a very bloody, close-run, had-to-refer-to-the-rulebook-all-day 4-3 against one of the best players around. Hopefully that game in November, and all the games this weekend, plus RoF3 against conscript tanks, helped to put me over the top.

So, five games and three wins which shocked me, 49pts and 7th out of 16. What didn’t shock me was how well run the tournament was, how positive all of the players were and how much I learned from it. I really encourage any Flames players to give one of these local tournaments a go, great fun and so helpful in developing. There may be one or even two themed tournaments in Brighton later this year, and as long as it doesn’t clash with the imminent baby arrival I’ll definitely be in attendance.

Thanks for reading, and may you always roll sixes! Unless you’re playing me, then ones are fine…

Warfare Reading MW Tournament

Hey all. So two years ago I went to this event and got thoroughly whupped. However, I did end up buying a Zvedka KV-1 for my looted panzer platoon, but have only used it once in two years. Thus, when this tournament came round again I decided to build a list using it, and also one that could take on the Soviet Heavy Armour which I struggled against last time. Here it is, not the most competitive but…

  • CHQ with SMGs and Panzerknackers
  • Sniper
  • AT Rifle
  • 10 stand Pioneer rifle platoon
  • 7 stand Pioneer rifle platoon with trucks
  • 9 stand Luftwaffe R/MG platoon
  • Heavy platoon, 2 HMGs, 2 8cm mortars with trucks
  • Looted Panzer platoon, KV-1 with cupola
  • Schwere Panzer platoon, Tiger with Panzer III M support
  • ATG platoon, 2 PaK40
  • Limited BF109e

Game 1 – Counterattack vs. Russian Heavy Armour (FC)

Just as expected! But this time I was ready for the mass of Matildas, KV-1s and 2s, recce and light tanks. I built a multi-layered line of defences, so when the tanks came rattling forward I could slow them, and contract onto the objective while causing casualties.

I lost the 40s to a first-turn volley, but the iC helped with many re-rolls to keep the large pioneers around. My KV and HMGs kept the recce honest but the main effort was straight into my frontlines. In the end I had enough stands and could inflict enough losses in counter-assaults to blunt the attack, while the Tigger was untouchable. 5-2 win to me against a player who came 8th out of 26.

P.S. Having a sniper against an all-armour list is a bit daft!

Game Two – Surrounded vs. German DAK Panzergrenadierkompanie (CV)

I wish I defended.. Oh well, nice big open desert table and he deployed facing both ways. My plan was to be patient, wear him down, strike hard at both ends and break him at either end.

However, I didn’t stick to that plan, and first turn advance and got whupped. Second turn my counter-attack on his recce, using a flamethrower, pioneers and smoke failed miserably. No flames, no smoke, no assault and they got shot up and fled in turn. There was fire on the other end of the table as my KV went up in flames, and in the centre two three-flights of aircraft with ATGs and Tigers underneath were shot down to a man by unarmoured 2cm SPAAGs. Sigh…

With my offence limited, I now had to wear him down slowly. The mortars took out the SPAAGs, the sniper did nothing, the air did nothing, the 40s did nothing, the Tiger did nothing… However the recce got too adventurous, were lured close to the Luftwaffe who shot them up with the AT Rifle and assaulted, claiming a long, drawn-out 3-4 loss to me. I need to play smarter!!

P.S. this guy came second, a very fun game too and we promised when we next meet to play a more exciting game!

Game Three – Dust-up vs. Tankovy with 21 T-34s (FC)

I thought, great, nice open board for my guns to find his conscript tanks. However, I made a mistake from a lack of knowledge. I didn’t think you could assault from reserves, which with flamethrowers could have gotten mixed in and caused a lot of casualties. But, thinking I couldn’t, this left my KV, mortars, HMGs and small pioneer to get clubbed like seals.

The air couldn’t hit much, as he’d spread out, and there was a lot of pre-measuring to keep his tanks out of range. After knocking out half my platoons which came on, he surged forward, took losses, swamped me. Highly frustrating as this was another game which not much happened, but he did exactly what I would have done if roles reversed.

1-6 to Robin, who came 9th overall.

Game Four – Cauldron vs. Romanian infantry

My final game, which I desperately wanted to get 2 wins. 12 gun battery. Let me repeat that…

12 GUN BATTERY! CV, AT4, FP 4+ for only 330pts!! Which let him have ten platoons in total, mostly Veteran and he got to defend so that small deployment section was highly congested and waiting for me to get into the open…

I took what I learnt in the early games and wanted to slap around his reserves before turning on the blob over the objectives. To help, I used barbed wire to smother the centre and had units waiting either side to shoot-up and assault the ATGs/Rifle platoon/mortars/HMGs and light tanks. All the time, I used the tree blobs to block sight from the 12 guns and four observers, while keeping the game going by waiting close. Sniper and air tried to wear down the defenders while I was busy elsewhere.

In the end, I knocked out all of his reserves using the KV, the small pioneer and the Panzer IIIM. However, this took time and my opponent was playing for time (reading his army list in his turn, wandering off for ten minutes to talk to other people during his turn!!) which was annoying. I was VERY lucky in that I was just in range to flame with my big Pios, assault-too-succesful with the Tiger and the Luftwaffe which pushed him off the objective in the last minute of the game.

6-1 to me, even then he tried to claim a draw due to the time… He came 20th.

In general, a fun weekend with great tables. I ended up 12th out of 26, which I’m very pleased with. I’ll upload pictures later.

I need to pick a list with more mobility as I’m bored of sitting back passively, so my halftracks will be re-making an appearance for Brighton in March. The Tiger stays, as does the air. I need some recce, I might get some nebs, SPAAGs, Marders or more 40s… so lot of thinking ahead.


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