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The Proving Grounds – Warhammer Escaltion Campaign

Starting in January, several of the fantasy players are planning to run a year long escalation campaign. The campaign will be fluff driven, with each general naming his characters and units. Each of these characters and models will progress throughout the campaign, heroes will become lords, units will gain extra abilities and items will be awarded.

The campaign will be based on the escalation campaign run by the black sun podcast ( and the blood in the badlands campaign book, with smatterings of the storm of magic and mighty empires! The generals are allowed to pick any army from the 15 standard army books, the tamurkan armies and the legion of undead from the Nagash book. We are also allowing the unofficial army books from the http://www.warhammerarmiesproj…

Starting with just a 500point force will will progress to a fully painted 3000 point grand army and 500pts of Storm of Magic Allies! Each month, each general will add 250 points of painted models to their force (2 months will also include an extra 250 points of storm of magic). We are not limiting people to games workshop models so these can be from any model range, allowing the “generals” full freedom of modelling. The only rules we have is WYSIWYG (so if it’s a dual-weilding minotaur it should look like a dual-weilding minotaur or a empire handgunner, should look like a human with a gun!) and that all armies should follow a theme, (ie Stirland Empire have a death theme and are in shades of green and yellow, or Lamhian Vampires are based around the female bloodsuckers and their court!)

As for the gaming side, we will play just one game a month to help progress the story, work out all the external factors, such as land control, captured characters, injured characters etc. This frees up the players to play other game systems/games.

Currently we have six people signed up for the campaign, but more are welcome if you want to take part, think of it as a great way to either get into Warhammer or to re-introduce yourself into the game! The current players and their armies are:

Alan – Skaven
David – Ogre Kingdoms
Gary – Wood Elves?
Garry – Beastmen
Kevin – Bretonnian
and Brown – Albion

When the campaign gets going, we will run a blog on tumbler to keep people in formed on the progress of the campaign and to keep a record of games and army photos.
So if you fancy trying, just pick an army (preferably one not already picked, but can be a duplicate if need be) and post below. It will give you 3-4 months to get your first 500pt force and your fluff ready for January!

Blood Bowl Casual League 2014

Our Table Top Day event was a big success, raising just under £160 for the Royal British Legion! Thanks to all who made it a great day!

One of the games which saw several players interested in more frequent play was the ever-awesome Blood Bowl.
As a result, we wanted to run something which would allow development of the teams but not require a minimum number of games to be played each week/month and wouldn’t overly disadvantage those who couldn’t play as often as others. This was important to me because I am a terrible game whore – I love playing many different games and just can’t commit to formal leagues or tournaments.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with this persistent casual league with a scoring system based on WDL averages but giving extra points for playing games, regardless of results.
We will reach a point where there are some clear leaders of the pack. At this point, we will have a playoffs period of a couple of weeks. The winner of this will receive a resin trophy, made by Master Crafted Miniatures. The League points will then be reset, but teams will continue as they were.

There is no need to start playing by a fixed date or to play regularly, so get involved! Don’t be worried about being destroyed by developed teams when you join halfway through – Blood Bowl does a good job of balancing this with star players and other bonuses, like fireball-hurling wizards!
Inexperienced coaches should visit Blood Bowl Tactics to get great info on how to be a better coach.

Here’s a basic run-down of the league rules:

  • Blood Bowl Competition Rules
  • Chaos Pact, Underworld and Slann teams are in.
  • Illegal Procedures are in.
  • Starting roster 1M (loans available on request if you need 1.1M)
  • MVP may be chosen, but not the same player in two consecutive matches.
  • Games only at club
  • All teams and players must be named! (exception made for zombies; they are all called “…brainsss…”)
  • Funky scoring system is experimental and subject to change!

– Read more in the Casual League 2014 Rules, Table & Results forum topic.