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Dwarves vs Lizardmen 1600 points
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June 10, 2014
1:17 pm

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Lizardmen vs. Dwarves

Zak and I played this game way back in February after the release of the new dwarf book.
My notes from the game are pretty poor so the maps are a little off but the gist is there.



[T] 40 Temple guard

[Sw] 20 Saurus warriors

[S1] 10 Skinks

[S2] 10 Skinks

[S3] 10 Skinks

[Cs1] 5 Chameleon skinks

[Cs2] 5 Chameleon skinks

[Cs3] 5 Chameleon skinks

 photo P1010146_zps027133c0.jpgImage Enlarger


I used this game as an opportunity to try out as many of the changes to units as I could, whilst still fielding a fully painted army.

I took a small unit of hammers who now have 2 attacks each.

Slayers to see how they fair when they can attack when they die.

The warriors and long beards were armed with hand weapon and shield rather than the usual great weapon to try out the new rules.

I also wanted to try out the changes to the gyrocopter, organ gun and grudge thrower.

The characters were kept extremely light on runes at this points level.

[L] 25 Longbeards

[W] 25 Warriors

[H] 20 Hammerers

[T] 20 Trollslayers

(Og) Organ gun

(Gt) Grudge thrower

[Gc] Gyrocopter

 photo P1010147_zps39fa61ee.jpgImage Enlarger



Deployment photo Lizardman_defeat_map01_zps998769fe.jpgImage Enlarger


Turn 1 - Lizardmen

L1 photo Lizardman_defeat_map02_zps3a16fb89.jpgImage Enlarger

The Lizardmen advance across the board.

The combined chameleon skinks manage to kill 5 slayers and take a wound off the gyrocopter.

The Slann miscasts regeneration on the temple guard and losses two magic levels for his trouble.

 photo P1010150_zps313ce8ab.jpgImage Enlarger
The gyrocopter is peppered by shooting.


Turn 1 - Dwarves

D1 photo Lizardman_defeat_map03_zpsad0ab3e3.jpgImage Enlarger

The dwarf line advances.

The artillery score 9 kills on the temple guard between them. 16 hits from the organ gun in total.

The gryocopter sprays across two units of skinks but only manages to kill one!


Turn 2 - Lizardmen

L2 photo Lizardman_defeat_map04_zps15c354ad.jpgImage Enlarger

The temple guard charge the warriors, killing 5 dwarves and the runesmith general.

The dwarves only kill one temple guard in return but they pass their break test.

Before the runesmith's death he used his dispel scroll to stop the slanns only attempt at casting.

The chameleon skinks take one wound off of both the organ gun and grudge thrower.

5 more slayers die to the combined shooting from three skink units.

 photo P1010149_zpsee7cdc98.jpgImage Enlarger


Turn 2 - Dwarves

D2 photo Lizardman_defeat_map05_zps32e4168d.jpgImage Enlarger

The dwarves charge where ever they can.

The hammerers kill 8 saurus warriors but loose 7 in return, they lose the combat but pass their break test.

The dwarf warriors and longbeards manage to kill 6 temple guard but lose an equal number in return as well as their battle standard bearer.

The dwarves lose the combat but stick around.

The troll slayers are peppered by a javelin stand and shoot and 2 die on the charge. The skinks then kill the three remaining slayers before they even attack but they manage to take out three skinks in their death throws.

Finally the gryocopter charges into the chameleon skinks. It loses a wound to stand and shoot and amazingly the skinks finish it off in combat!

The organ gun manages to cause a unit of skinks to panic.

 photo P1010152_zps95f9be34.jpgImage Enlarger
The slayers meet an 'honourable' death.

 photo P1010152_zps95f9be34.jpgImage Enlarger
Mass combat



Turn 3 - Lizardmen

L3 photo Lizardman_defeat_map06_zpsea81fee1.jpgImage Enlarger

The Lizardmen punish the dwarves across the board.

Numerous casualties caused by the temple guard yet the dwarves still hold the line.

Another bloody round of fighting between the saurus and hammerers, both parties hold fast.

All of the skink skirmishers begin closing in on the dwarven artillery.

The grudge thrower falls to poison darts and the organ gun receives a charge.

 photo P1010157_zpsfa696e16.jpgImage Enlarger
Hammerers die

 photo P1010158_zps31ea8d08.jpgImage Enlarger
More dying dwarves


Turn 3 - Dwarves

D3 photo Lizardman_defeat_map07_zps0b9748cb.jpgImage Enlarger

The temple gaurd finish off the longbeards outright and turn to face the hammerers.

The remaining dwarf warriors flee through the chameleon skinks behind them, right up to the table's edge.

The hammerers in turn win their combat and face the temple guard.

The organ gun remains in combat.

 photo P1010165_zps5201347a.jpgImage Enlarger
Running dwarves

 photo P1010166_zpsbe8dedb6.jpgImage Enlarger
The picture doesn't seem to match up with the map, but either way the organ gun and hammerers are in trouble.


Turn 4 - Lizardmen

L4 photo Lizardman_defeat_map08_zpsd10fdaea.jpgImage Enlarger

The skink skirmishers advance on the lone organ crewman.

The fleeing dwarf warriors are destroyed.

The Slann reduces the hammerer unit to a single champion with some silly magic business.

The organ gun remains in combat


Turn 4 - Dwarves

D4 photo Lizardman_defeat_map09_zps84a466e9.jpgImage Enlarger

The lone hammerer champion charges the temple guard and challenges the slann to a duel.

After much goading the challenge is accepted one for the dwarf to die pitifully to a single attack from the slann.

The organ gun remains in combat.

 photo P1010169_zps4402749d.jpgImage Enlarger
'Scrappy doo' the hammerer doesn't last long.


Turn 5 - Lizardmen

L5 photo Lizardman_defeat_map10_zpsa3850738.jpgImage Enlarger

Everything that could do so charges the dwarf organ gun.

The organ gun remains in combat


Turn 5 - Dwarves

D5 photo Lizardman_defeat_map11_zps00aa59a4.jpgImage Enlarger

The organ gun remains in combat

 photo P1010171_zps1ae55211.jpgImage Enlarger


Turn 6 - Lizardmen

L6 photo Lizardman_defeat_map12_zps4a020504.jpgImage Enlarger

The Temple guard wade into combat to finish the organ gun.

The organ gun remains in combat.


Turn 6 - Dwarves

D6 photo Lizardman_defeat_map13_zps3011923b.jpgImage Enlarger

The organ gun remains in combat.

The lone dwarf crewman refuses to die, preventing the dwarven army from being tabled and mugging the lizardmen off!

 photo P1010173_zpsb40a054f.jpgImage Enlarger
He's muggin you off bruv.


Wow, the dwarves had a bad day.

The list was sub par due to wanting to try new things but I also made loads of mistakes and bad decisions.

One dwarf left standing is enough for me to keep my pride...


 The entire host of snarling Lizardmen now surrounded a lone dwarf. Covered multiple wounds the unnamed dwarf lowered his head in defeat. The clamour of noise rose around him at the Lizardmen clearly excited by the subservience before them.

"Heh, heh heh, ha ha, ha ha HA, AH HA  HA HAH!" the dwarf began laughing raising his head with a lit cigar between his teeth. The Lizardmen fell silent, first in confusion, then in realisation as the dwarf dove headlong into the pile of barrels behind the warmachine he had been defending. A thunderous roar echoed around the battlefield as the gunpowder exploded. A whole army of Liazrdmen are educated on the stubbornness of dwarves in the instant they are destroyed.


Built with Battle Chronicler.

Privateer Press - Press Ganger

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