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Albion Lists thoughts....
September 24, 2014
11:12 am

Brother Captain
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March 6, 2013
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I'm using the 'unofficial' (yet very well made) Albion list for the upcoming campaign (and to kickstart my interest in WFB) you can find it here

They are (essentially) Braveheart style Ancient Scottish/British/Irish humans with no (to little, 5+ at best) armour with a optional 6+ ward save (which stacks with parry). They have two army wide special rules, Woad paint (the optional ward save, 6+ but it stacks on any other ward save) and Gaelic Fury which gives all models with this rule  the Swiftstride and Hatred special rules on any turn that they declare a charge or pursue a fleeing enemy. This lasts for the duration of the turn, and does not apply to mounts. However, every time a unit with this special rule takes a Break Test they suffer an additional -1 to their Leadership (which is cumulative with previously taken Break Tests) for as long as they remain in combat 

So far my list is looking like this.....



Warleader – 120

Woad Paint – 15

Magic Items – 85


Truthsayer – 225

Magic Items – 85



Cheiftan – 70

Bsb – 25

Woad – 15

Shield – 2


Druid – 90

Level 2 – 35

Magic Items - 50



25 Warband warriors – 100

Full command – 30

Shields – 25


25 Warband warriors – 100

Full command – 30

Spears – 0

Shields -25


25 Warband warriors – 100

Full command – 30

Shields – 25

Woad paint – 25


25 Woad raiders – 175

Full command – 30

Additional Hand weapons – 50


10 Youngbloods – 40

Slings – 20


10 Youngbloods – 40

Slings – 20


5 Hunting hounds – 30


5 Chariots – 250

Full command – 30

Woad Paint- 25




5 Hunters – 40


5 Hunters - 40


3 Fenbeasts – 195

Lifebloom Silt – 45


20 Oathsworn – 200

Full command -30

Great Weapons – 40

Woad Paint – 20



Giant – 200


I'm willing to change the list to a certain degree, i'm more worried though about whether my core S/B unit is up to muster. Also wether to horde up etc.

October 8, 2014
8:00 pm

Brother Captain
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March 6, 2013
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Some pre-campaign fluff to explain what my Marshy Albion dwellers are doing in the Oldworld......


“Invaders have taken our lands, although driven out there desecration has insulted Danu, we must claim there lands for our honour and to appease her”! “The Truthsayers call for it, to restore balance and to bring peace to Danu. Keep the Ilse in your hearts and pray that our mists may return”.

- Last words of the High King before his sacrifice to the Goddess for good bearing.

A storm was brewing out on the murky waters of the Southern seas, dark clouds gathering above while wave and foam crashed below. Enduring the oncoming maelstrom was a ship both primitive in construction and steering, held together by hope and prayer and directed by the gibberings of men more used to rivers and lakes then the wide oceans of the world. The rain began.

The deck was crowded with men and women showering in the cool relif from their sunburn and thirst, the more playful among them danced and sang while the wiser carried buckets to the hold intent on increasing their supplies and to water the live stock. It was a moment of happiness in an otherwise miserable journey. Geileis was not amongst the joyful, the voyages infamous Chieftain was stuck firmly to the boats side emptying what meagre rations she had consumed that day into the ocean. “How long will I endure this suffering?” she thought wiping her mouth clean with the sleeve of a dress that –she would later realise-- had cost her three good baskets of crops.

She knew why she was here, she also had a sneaking suspicion that everyone else on the ship knew why she was here as well. The gossip mongers amongst the crew and travelers had litle else to do besides talk in their free time so cramped was the 'Currach'. It was all to do with that damned duel. She remembered it well, the flicking fires, the smell of roasting ox and that mans odious presence. It was a celebratory feast on the first anniversary of her people taking back their Ilsand from the invaders in all their forms from sly elves, to bestial orcs , to lizard things and the oddly dressed men with firesticks. All of her village had turned out for the feast and dancing however it had been rudely interupted by the presence of the 'Civilised Nobles' of Bol-A-Hat. “Noble” at that thought Geileis spat into the ocean, her people had done without cheiftans-by-blood for years yet one little invasion by the Firestick-men and suddenly some of there countrymen decide that they were 'born to rule'.

The leader of these 'Nobles' was a man of some standing in Bol-A-Hat, Abban Claragh. A man who was one of these newfangled 'traders'. He owned many horses, huts and even a tame giant ! However this meant little when his deeds were of sheer wickedness, murder, theivery and heresy. His word was worthless and in Geileis eyes that meant so was he. Barging into the village he had demanded rest, food, stabling and women for he and his friends. Geileis refused. “Take your men and leave my land Claragh we do not brook your kind here !”. Silence had fallen over the village, two hundred or more people, some of the rowdiest Lahmfadas that she knew –men and women who would rather fight then argue over who had the last bone at a meal-- were quiet as the grave, watching in anticipation. Calmly lowering himself from his horse Abban walked toward the Chieftain, his face hidden behind his helmet. In a sudden scrape of metal and sparks Abban drew his sword, the claymore as crude and ugly as its owner. “Say that again whore ! You and your cave dwelling honour-less scum defy me !” he roared stepping forward closer to the fire.

Those who knew Geileis winced and turned away knowing what would be coming next. “What did you call me?” she asked voice as icy as the grave. Abban and his men laughed, their crude chain mail shaking with the force of their joviality. “I called you what you and all you women are, you are whores for our taking, no women was meant to ru-” he was cut off by Geileis cry of rage and forceful tackle. Such was her ferocity that Abbans companions shirked backwards afraid of the red-heads fury. The nobleman grunted as the two toppled over inches from the blaze his claymore flying out of arms reach. Like wild animals the two wrestled in the dirt furiously whilst the village muttered oaths and praises to there Chieftain. This was no match of skills merely brute force of which the soft nobleman couldn't understand, Geileis was of the clan Lahmfadas warriors and fighters born she would kill this upstart if it was the last thing she did !

After what felt like an eternity of punches, grapples and jabs the Cheiftan found her opening, Abban was on the defensive trying to keep her away from his now battered and helmet-less head, putting all her weight behind her she kneed him in the stomach, the chain mail bruising her but adding to the weight on his now-sore body. Gaspng for air Abban lowered his guard. “Now for the final blow” she thought reaching for a close rock she had spotted earlier in the battle and slammed it as hard as she could into the mans face. She didn't stop there however and continued until the Nobles head was nothing but a gory mess on the ground. Rising slowly, blood stained, bruised and exhausted she turned to the remaining Nobles. “Leave and never return”, with a braying of there steeds the frightened men retreated followed by the cheers of her Village. That should have been the end of it.

Unfortunately it seems that Abban had long and deep ties, so when the yearly meeting of Chieftains began Geileis found herself shunned by many. This did not matter to her, for social airs were not particularly her forte, she despised the slinking Nessair and the battle mad Ecenians. Seating herself on the bog-wood bench the fiery maiden found herself embroiled in a debate between two Trader-chiefs over the price of Man-Lizard hide. Her headache began and only increased when this debate ended and the High Kings procession started. “Get on with it” she thought clawing at her skull.

And get on with it he did. In a speech both long boring and yet highly important he outlined the desecration of their sacred lands and the lack of protective mist, the frequent invaders (growing ever more in the last few months) and the need to 'do something'. In a surprising move for the old duffer though he and his council of Truthsayers had actually decided on that something. suicide was what it came down to though they masked the intent with the word 'Quest', what the object of there quest was though was practically unattainable and unachievable. The last High King who had attempted an ocean voyage to retrieve the legendary giants Bologs and Catchorr from the despicable Remans had never been heard of again, a bad omen if there ever was one. “I pity the poor heathen who has to suffer that privilege”. Little did she know....

And that was her tale, the punishment for killing a heretic with deep ties and high friends was to lead the voyage, a suitable 'honour' for one such as herself. From the outside it could be seen as a quite substantial honour, with her own village grouped together with four others totalling a grand number of 2000 heads all for her to command and control. More then enough to start a substantial village-city not including the cattle, equipment and skilled labourers they had been given. Even a well travelled Truthsayer and his Druid apprentice had joined much to Geileis interest, it couldn't be THAT much of a suicide mission if they were sacrificing these two magic users ?

Still her thoughts troubled her........

Characters and Units


Geileis : 26 year old Warchief of Talahmnua (as their portion of newly fertile Badlands is called), she seeks to make the best out of the bad situation and create a thriving society for her people. Passionate, strong and stubborn she has yet to back down from a fight. She's curious of the other human societies of the badlands but has a disdain for nobility and 'civilised' people. Has an 'interest' in Medr the Druid.

Medr : 25 year old Druid, apprentice to Gelban the Truthsayer. Calm, learned and introspective Medr is making his way through the path of magic with great skill. He is something of a pacifist and tries to talk down his Warcheifs more violent nature when possible. Has an extreme hatred for Chaos, his parents having been slaughtered during the Dark shadow campaign by roving warbands. Is a vegetarian.

Gelban : 70 + ? year old Truthsayer. While many of his kind can use the power of the laylines to slow there ageing process Gelban has accepted it. As the Triskele shows, life is a spiral. Where one line ends the circle begins anew. Although well aged Gelban can be seen tooing and froing in the village healing, advising and making himself busy. There are hints from him that their 'quest' may have deeper roots then just banishing the troublesome.

Aedammair : 23 year old Battle Standard Bearer. Superstitious yet good natured Aedammair is Geileis right hand women, seen as more 'femenine' then the Warcheif she is as liable to be cooking for her husband as she is knocking out rowdy drunks at feasts. Takes on half of her friends more mundane responsibilities to ensure she doesn't get too swamped.

The Agog Guard – A large mob of villagers armed with the classical sword and sheild, a good proportion of the warriors wives join them in battle, partially for the thrill and partially to keep an eye on the lummox’s. Led by the muscle bound Doron

Danu's Spear – The remaining battle ready villagers whom do not own a sword are equipped from the village-cities armoury with the spear. While not exactly as dangerous as the sword it makes up for it with its sheer staying power. Led by the quick witted Marta

Madmens Edge – A small village survivng on the edge can cause many a sane man to crack. Adding psychotropic herbs to the mix doesn't help much for their grip on reality but it does give those already mad a great usage on the battlefield. Led by the Insane Adair.

Rolling Thunder and Swamp Runner – Two groups of 3 chariots , on the dusty plains further out from their territory these forms of transport are essential for scouting and gaining information. They also make a great dent in the enemeis battle line.

One Shot and Boar Killer – Two groups of new hunters, more full of exuberance and boasts then actual skill there slings can do a surprising amount of damage when they hit. Focus on the word when.

Mossy Trees and Owl Call – Two groups of experienced hunters, able to melt in the background and strike with there bows when necessary. Teachers of One Shot and Boar Killer they express frequent disappointment at the two groups shenanigans.

The Swamp Kings – Three Fenbeasts created from the skill of Medr and Gelban. Powerful and quiet the creatures guard the village both day and night.

Geileis Chosen – Some of the greatest warriors from the Warcheifs original village, chosen for there loyalty and skill at arms they were given the best in armour and weapons to protect the village-city and Geilis herself. Led by the grim Corgash

Long-Death – A stone thrower built from observations and technical discussions between the mages and the skilled workers, inspired by the enemies seige weapons. One of Gelbans more impressive creations.

Tanguy - A native Old World giant who has been called to the Albion cause by strong spirits, good food and a realisation of his ancient heritage thanks to the machinations of Gelban and Medr.

October 10, 2014
9:11 am
Ben Calvert-Lee
Fareham, Hampshire

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January 18, 2013
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I wish I had time to read this! Great to see you diving in deep with your army background :)

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