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Horus Heresy Massacre Campaign - Game 2
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September 25, 2014
11:32 pm

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Battle Report - Massacre Campaign Game 2

Salamanders 3k vs Sons of Horus with Imperial Army 3k

Vulkan, Praetor, 7 Firedrakes, 2 Mortis Contemptors, 10 Pyroclast, 2 Tactical in Rhinos, Vindicator, 2 Spartans.

Master of Signal, Mortis Contemptor, 20 Man Tactical, 5 Plasma support in Rhino, 5 Lascannons, Scorpius, Venator, Spartan.
Imperial Army:
Command Squad, Platoon Command, 20 Infantry, 3 Lascannon Teams, 3 Quad Gun Teams, Demolisher, 2 Vanquishers.

The Salamanders after fighting through the ground to air defences land with elite heavy forces, Thunderhawk transporters land the Spartans and Rhinos in the Middle and the Vindicator and Mortis Dreads to the left.

The SOH having time to prepare, have already dug in ready for the attack. To the right the Guard commander holds the bunker with Lascannons up front in trenches and Quadguns Behind. A Scorpius and Venator hide behind the bunker ready to strike later. 20 Tactical marines wait in the bastion with Lascannon team up top, with the Master of signal surveying the killing ground. The mortis hunkers behind the bastion waiting for the time to counter attack. Far right the 3 Leman russ tanks, Spartan and plasma support hold the line, with the infantry in the building Lasguns raised.

Turn 1 Loyalists

The Salamanders push forward, trying to cross the open ground as quickly as possible, both Mortis' and vindicator fire into the building holding the guard, they grab what cover they can and only 8 die, they weather the storm.

Spartan fire blows up the rhino and pins the support squad.

Turn 1 Traitors

Little movement as they bring their heavy guns to bare, combined fire wrecks both rhinos and the Tacticals are forced to disembark. The quad guns kill a few marines, Venator misses with both shots, The vindicator gets hit with Lascannon shots, and the master is signal brings down his bombardment killing the vindicator and blowing the assault cannon off the Contemptor.
Spartans are Spared no damage this round.

Turn 2 Loyalists

The Salamanders push forward again slowly unimpeded by their losses. Fire from the Mortis contemptors kill 4 Lascannons, a tactical squad opens with bolters killing a Lascannon team, 1 plasma marine dies to a Lascannon shot to the body. Not that great a round for the loyalist, they need to weather the storm again.

Turn 2 Traitors

Still no movement really, Scorpius opens fire and misses, Vanquishers open fire scoring a direct hit and blowing a spartan to pieces, the Firedrakes bail out through the wreckage still charging onwards, some combined fire kills 2 Firefrakes. Quad guns continue to be a pain and kill more marines. Venator fails to do anything again.

Turn 3 Loyalists

The Salamanders finallly reach the lines, The Pyroclast, Vulkan and Praetor Disembark from the Spartan, Firedrakes Continue to push forward with the Contemptors keeping stride to their left flank, both Tacticals push forward spread out and grabbing what cover they can. The remaining Spartans opens fire and destroys the cannon of the Venator. Contemptors fail to penetrate the Leman Russ. Pyroclast charge the Bastion, Vulkan and Praetor both unfortunately fail to make it! The bastion explodes in huge explosion as melta bombs are strapped to its base and detonated.

Turn 3 Traitors

Little movement other then the infantry squad pushing out the building and the tanks moving backwards.
Vulkan is on his own and out the open, Lascannon fire, 16 man fury of the legion in rapid fire range and random fire here and there including the 4 man plasma squad (even though they can't actually hurt him) leaves him alive, but barely on a single wound. A few marines and pyroclast die, the infantry squad opens fire on the firedrakes only killing 1 and then failing to charge. The Traitors realise they have failed to stop the Loyalists reaching their Lines. Salamanders have took the brunt of the storm and now are poised to attack.

Turn 4 Loyalists

Vulkan immediately falls back into the relative safety of the spartan. The Pyroclast, Tacticals, Dreadnoughts, Preator and fire drakes all push forward. Combi-melta fail to hurt the Leman Russ, Lascannons do no damage, Bolter shots do nothing, Pyroclast open up and burn the marines to a single Marine left, Preator charges forward, the Mortis with one arm shots some infantry to death and charges in, as do the remaining Firedrakes into the Leman Russ. Contemptor is held and the firedrakes fail to do anything.
Vulkan heals and wound.

Turn 4 Traitors

Tanks back up one again and open fire, Fire drakes die, few Pyroclast die, from barrages from weapons fire and thudd guns, Things start to turn badly for the Traitors, the Infantry squad runs away quickly and not much else happens.

Turn 5 Loyalists

Vulkan charges out the Spartan, Pyroclast move to attack the enemy spartan, Contemptors push forward.
Praetor runs to catch the Master of signal. Salamanders muster what firepower they can a kill last Lascannon and few odds infantry. Vulkan destroys the Venator, Praetor kills the Master of signals and Marine. Pyroclast fail the charge and Contemptor kills the last infantry. Vulkan heals another wound.

Turn 5 Traitors

Traitors fire everything they can in a last ditch effort to kill vital units. Pyrocladt survive, vulkan fails to take any wounds from the Kheres Contemptor and the Spartan fails to explode the Loyalist Contemptor.

Game ends. The loyalist scoring 9 to the Traitors 4 points. The Loyalists manage to break through the defence lines. Though bloody and battered they push through to avenge the first loss the loyalist forces received!

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September 26, 2014
9:19 am
Ben Calvert-Lee
Fareham, Hampshire

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The Salamanders seemed to be an inexorable tide of death! Good report :)

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