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Horus Heresy 6k Battle Report
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June 22, 2015
8:09 pm

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Horus Heresy 6,000 points per Side Battle Report

The Armies

Olly83hammer's Forces

Death Guard

  • Red Naga
  • Farleys Rusk
  • Master of Signals
  • Primus Medicae
  • 2 x 10 man Tactical Squads in Rhinos
  • 10 man Heavy Flamer squad in Rhino
  • 9 man Lascannon Squad
  • 3 x Mortis Dreads with Kheres
  • 3 Medusas
  • 9 Death Shroud in a Spartan

Sons of Horus Allies

  • Chaplain and 8 Justarin in Karibidis
  • 10 Man Tactical Squad

Zak's Forces


  • Typhon
  • Cerberus
  • Cassian Dracos
  • Praetor
  • Chaplain
  • 2 x 10 Man Tactical in Rhino
  • 10 man Meltagun Squad in Rhino
  • 5 Contemptor Dreads
  • 10 man Firedrakes in Spartan
  • 10 man Terminators in Spartan
  • 10 Pyroclast in Spartan
  • Vindicator
  • Siciran Battle Tank



We played a book 5 mission, rolled up objectives (4 of them). Olly won roll off and so wanted to go first.

Olly deloyed aggressively, because Death guard had the overall firepower. The tactical squads went onto objectives, Lascannon team went into the building and Red Naga went onto the right flank, the rest of the Contemptors spread out along the deployment area to lend firepower where it was needed.

Salamanders deployed in a similar manner, trying to hide both Super heavies behind the wall and all 3 Spartans deploying in positions ready to counter charge into the enemies half (if they survived the shooting!) The dreads deployed as far forward as possible and ready their selves for the onslaught to come.


Traitors Turn 1

Loyalists failed to steal.

The Karibidis comes down right by the rear Loyalist objective. Red Naga moves to get a shot on the rear of the Typhon. The Spartan pushes forward slightly to plug the hole in the breach. Contemptors move to more advantageous positions and everything else readies their guns!

Red Naga opens fire first. Hitting both Superheavies, (twice in 2 games! Olly has now shot at them and due to scatters hit both!) luckily the Cerberus escapes unharmed thanks to cover, but the Typhon wasn't so lucky!
Meduas also open fire on the Cerberus knocking a few hull points off.

Somehow the Karibidis fires rockets into the rear of Cassian Dracos and manages to penetrate once and immobilise him! Even with a venerable re-roll!

The rest of the firepower heads toward the Contemptor Wall and results in 2 Contemptors being immobilised and down to a single hull point and a third snap shooting next turn.

Loyalists Turn 1

All Spartans push forward, the Cerberus comes around the corner to shot the Reaver.

The terminators disembark around the Karibidis ready to counter attack the Justarian to a fight to the death!

A Comtemptor flames and meltas a rhino but does not manage to kill it. All firepower mainly heads towards the Titan to stripe off void shields, after everything fires at it, it still has one left before the Cerberus fires! Which then proceeds to not take it off with it's Lascannons and then only roll a 1 and final take it off with the main gun. (Bugger!!)
The terminators burn 8 Combi-meltas and slag the Karibidis killing a Justarian in the process.

The Contemptor that failed to blow the Rhino up charges it in frustration. Wrecking it and the Heavy Flamers are forced to pile out.

The terminators charge the Justarian and a bloody fight of death ensues.

Somehow the dust settles..... Not a single loyalist terminator dies and all buy wipe out the Traitors, the Chaplin, thanks to Primus Cataphractii armour survives!

(Olly's rolling was horrendous here!! And I made all my invulnerables!)


Traitors Turn 2

The Heavy Flamer Squad maneuvers around the Contemptor to take rear shots with bolt pistols before they charge.

The Death Shroud now disembark to try and clear the waves of Dreadnoughts approaching their lines. The Red Naga stays where he is ready to release a deadly salvo again.

Shooting opens up with a Mortis Contemptor taking 3 hull points off of a spartan! (Madness) The Lascannon team follows it up trying to finish it off but fail.

The Medusas Fire Shells again at the Cerberus even with a penetrate that exploded only manage to bring it down to 1 hull point. Which then the Red Naga vaporises it not willing to take the risk of it living. Its Melta cannon lands on a spartan but fails to destroy it.

The Heavy Flamers fail to damage the Contemptor so charge it with a meta bomb wielding sergeant. But then proceeds to fail to hit it, lose combat and get crushed, being run down by a pissed off Dreadnought.

The Death shroud take 3 Causalities before they Destroy 2 of the Contemptors and leave a spartan on 1 Hull point (it should have died really!)

The Chaplain gets brought down but no without killing the Salamanders Chaplain and another Terminator.

Loyalists Turn 2

The situation starts to look quite dyer. Reinforcements arrive in the form of a Rhino and a Siciran Battle tank. The Firedrakes exit the Spartan and prepare for a counter charge. The mobile Contemptor pushes forward as does the Spartan which disgorges the Pyroclast. Whilst the Terminators near the objective get back in the Spartan.

The Siciran opens up on the lascannon team killing 2. The rest of the firepower pours in towards the Deathshroud killing 4.

Loyalist mount loads of desperate charges trying to kill as much as possible. The firedrakes go into the Deathshroud, Spartan and Mortis; which kills one by overwatch!. The Contemptor fails a charge on another Mortis but the other Contemptor makes it into the Deathshroud. The Pyroclast Charge the Medusas and a Rhino.

Explosions ripple through out the enemies lines, only 1 Medusa is alive but stunned. The Deathshoud die to a man and the Spartan suffers 2 hull points of damage.



Traitors Turn 3

No Real movement, Red Naga falls back a little and everything else gets ready to shoot. Red Naga once again shows his power and opens up on a spartan killing it out right, Its Missiles don't manage to kill the Rhino but strip it of hull points and stun it, whilst also stunning the Siciran.

Everything else proceeds to shot at the Pyroclast. It takes a Tactical squad, a Lascannon Squad, Spartan and 2 Mortis Contemptors to finally bring them all down!

The Firedrakes finish off the Mortis and advance towards the Reaver... Damn these new rules! They shout!!

Loyalists Turn 3

The Vindicator and Tactical squad come in from reserves. The Terminators make safe the objective and spread out. Everything advances as far as it can.

The Spartan carrying the Praetor Smashes through into the plaza gunning for the back Traitor objective whilst the Meltagun team stays safe.

Salamanders Fire most available guns on the Titan striping a few hull points off of it and kill a few marines.

The Contemptor charges the Mortis engaging it in combat and smashing its chain fist through its face!

The Firedrakes try to make a long combi-charge at the Lascannon team but only manage the stricken Medusa which the Contemptor charges too, easily killing it.



Traitors Turn 4

The Tactical Squad disembarks behind the Contemptor bolters ready to target vulnerable areas. Red Naga moves for a better firing position. The remaining Mortis moves to destroy the Spartan.

Red Naga hammers the Siciran and Rhino with its rockets, killing the Rhino.

Then opens up on the Firedrakes only killing 4.

The Lascannon team and Spartan follow up the firing at the Firedrakes killing a further 3, as usual though they stay around not caring for loses.

Bolters fire not even denting the rear of the Contemptor and the Mortis has no luck either failing to kill the 1 hull point Spartan.

The damaged tactical squad charge in with a Melta bomb but fail to kill the Spartan.

Loyalists Turn 4

The last Tactical Squad comes on.

The Meltagun squad advances into range of the Tactical squad whilst the Spartan pushes forward a disgorges the Praetor. The Firedrakes move towards the Lascannon team and the Contemptor heads towards Red Naga.

Meltaguns and Autocannon fire kills 6 marines outright. The Spartan tank commander annoyed
at the Mortis turns around and Slags him with his Multi-melta.

Another hull point is striped from Red Naga, his armour so far, proving to tough!

The Melta team charge the Tacticals, a Contemptor charges Red Naga, the other Contemptor charges the 2 marines, the Firedrakes charge the Lascannon team and the Praetor charges the Sons of Horus Tactical team.

The Loyalists win almost every combat, The Praetor in particular shows how its done taking 16 wounds with but not failing one armour or invulnerable and killing six with a swing of his hammer!

Red Naga kicks the Contemptor half way across the board instantly killing it.


Traitors Turn 5

The Tactical Squad Sargent rallies as does the Sons of Horus Tactical squad.

Red Naga fires and destroys the 1 Hull point spartan in a fit of rage and then fails to kill th Siciran.

Loyalists Turn 5

The Praetor Finish of the Tactical squad, The death Guard Spartan gets killed by the Siciran. All remaining firepower heads towards Red Naga taking off only 2 hull points. All Salamanders consolidate onto the objectives and through sheer determination somehow pull off a victory.

The game ends.....

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