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Brighton warlords team event
January 3, 2014
2:51 am

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March 6, 2013
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we have to get a team going to this guys!!!!! Solent wargamers for the win


Oh & if I have omitted stuff please feel free to let me know...cut & pasted most of it!

The next 40k Tournament will be on Saturday the 12th & Sunday the 13th of APRIL 2014

The following rules pack is always subject to change at any time, so please keep an eye on this page. Also the Brighton Warlords FAQ shall be used. So again keep an eye on that. If there are any rules questions etc. please post up or get hold of me (Peter) & I can address them.

This is a 'Teams Tournament' you will need to be a 'Team' of 4 players to compete

You can either band together as a 'Team' & practice, discuss list, play test etc etc. or you can just turn up on the day & be placed in a team of 4 people. MASSIVE emphasis on teaming up. As Team events are more fun as sometimes you get to 'Take it for the team!'

Army Selection

Each 4 player team can choose from 8 seperate codex's. The reason for this is so we don't end up with a pointless event. Where every team has 4 TAU players....NO!! 8 separate codex selection means that if you really want you can take allies with each force. Though remember you can only use a codex once in your team. So you could not for instance do this: TAU/Eldar. Eldar/TAU....NO!!

Also the complicating issue of Codex supplements & especially Codex Inquisition....

Any supplements would count as a completely seperate codex. Though you CANT have a Tau army & Farsight army in the same team, or a Chaos space marine army & Black legion army in the same team, or indeed a Eldar army & Iyanden army in the same team. You can't also have 2 armies from codex space marines in the same team. + Codex Inquisition DOES count as an army in it's own right so can only be taken ONCE per team. Same goes for any codex's that I have missed out. In essence we are aiming at getting 4 different armies in each team, thus the restrictions

Any confusion, just ask smile.gif

Team Advice

Each team needs to be aware that this is not such a random tournament where you don't really know what you will be facing. This is more controlled with you hopefully knowing your role in the team.

Put Forward lists: For this purpose an army would be selected for it's survive-ability. Being designed to face up against the hardest & toughest lists TAU...the aim for these lists is to not lose big, aiming for a draw & a win would be great..I personally like put forwards as they are the 'Underdog'

Prey lists: For these lists they are the guys that need to bring the big points in for the team & really go out there to smash there opponents. Still a lot of pressure if they come up against a really tough put forward list. These players should be aiming for minimum wins & hopefully getting maximum points

Champion: For this player, this would be the all comers list, able to deal comfortably with most opponents

Playing a Round:

Each team must elect a player to be the Captain. The captain is in control of the team.

Once each team knows who they are playing the teams gather round there designated 4 table area.

The captain must already have 4 pieces of card that have your team name on one side & on the other side a player name & army. (Captain needs to sort this out prior to the event. Worst case is ripping some paper up & using that)

The captain then places his the card who he believes is his champion in the middle of the table face down. So that no one else can see the name underneath the card but can see the team name. The opposing captain then does the same. These are the champions & will be designated the final board to fight it out. Don't reveal anything until all players are paired off

The team captains dice off & the winner gets the choice to either put his player forward 1st or make the opposing captain do so. (You now have 3 cards left as the champion card from each team is in the middle of the board)

To put a player down 1st you just need to place your piece of card/piece of paper with the player name & army on face up so your opponent can see it. Then the opposing captain puts 1 of his players forward to take up the challenge. The player that was 1st to be placed now gets to choose from 1 of the 4 boards from there designated table area

Once the 1st players pair off you then alternate it until you have no cards left to place.

Then the fun begins!

HORUS HERESY VOLUME 1 is BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As it's 40k not 30k!

FLYERS are 0-3 (Which includes Flying Monstrous creatures)

Models that have the INTERCEPTOR & SKYFIRE rules are 0-10 (meaning models not units!) (not including flyers!)

So you could have 3 in total planes/Flying monstrous creatures & 10 MODELS on the ground with interceptor & skyfire but no more

Fortifications are in. Though you can make your own army specific models & use the same rules for those listed. e.g an eldar or tau bunker home made. just use the same template as seen. or capture them & use them as normal

Though Fortifications will need to be set up in your deployment zone & NOT in your table half


STRONGHOLD ASSAULT will be used, though you 'CAN'T' take the following: Void relay network, imperial strongpoint & Wall of Martyrs Imperial defence network

Mysterious terrain. Will need BOTH players to agree on the random rolling otherwise you don`t use mysterious terrain

The games will be played on 6' by 4' boards the terrain will be set up before the game & people can't move it!!! If there are any issues with potentially moved terrain. Just ask a ref to re arrange it

Forgeworld units are in as normal. Just refer to the hull points of the closest likeness if it is not in the Forge World FAQ. Any probs just post up

Special characters are in

Dark Skies compendium will also be used but only the force organistation changes. So basically Spaces marines can have access to Stormravens but we won't be using any of the other stuff..

All GW Official FAQ's will be used even if they come out on either day of the event

A major and permanent change for this tournament is that places can only be reserved through payment. This can be done personally (at the gaming club to the usual suspects) or through our club's paypal account.

We will have space for 12 teams (at a squeeze) and will be 6 games split into 3 games per day, with 2 hours 30 mins per game.

It will be held at:

The King & Queen Pub
13 Marlborough Place
East Sussex

If there are any questions about the rules or if you wish to field a 'counts as' army. E.g Mechanicum army using Imperial Guard rules etc then post your question up here.

Alternatively, you can contact me by e-mail., phone 07974094240 or PM on this forum.

As always, the referees decision will be final about anything and everything to do with the event. Peter Cooke will be the referee for this event.

You can use any current army list & forge world units will be allowed but you must always stick to the 1 HQ 2 Troops rule, as per standard force organisation. If in doubt, contact me using the methods above.

Note that you cannot take anything with structure points (e.g Titans) or mass points (e.g Gargantuan creatures). We now have an annual event where these can be used, so they can't be used for any other events unless stated.

The tournament rules

You WILL need to bring along 2 copies of your army roster. You will also need your painted miniatures, tape measure, dice, templates & any additional rules and equipment you think you might need, such as super glue. If you are using something from the Imperial Armour books, you must have a copy of the rules with you. Do not rely on the club's copy being there on the day! Remember to bring any relevant FAQs with you too.

Scenery shall be placed at the start of the day. Please refrain from moving bits around. If it has been moved or you think it doesn't look right, ask the tournament referee and he will arrange it.

The missions and deployment type will be chosen from the 40k rulebook by the tournament referee before the Tournament & where there is a random number of objectives the ref will roll for it & everyone will use the same number

You will gain tournament points for:

Generalship -





Winning the round

Out of your 4 players to win a round your team will need to get 64 Tournament points.

Which would be 3 wins, 2 wins & a draw or 2 big wins & 2 losses but still gaining a few points from the losers

The best team will be the team with the highest points from all the games also adding the soft scores

After each round the teams with the highest points will be published

Soft score points will be broken down as follows per player:

Army Roster - 5 points
Each army list must add up to 1650 points or less (if not, you will get no points for roster). It needs to be legible and clearly laid out. Your teams army lists also needs to be submitted by Monday 7th April 2013 before midnight. If it contains mistakes, you will have a chance to correct it (but only if you get in early enough for me to check). You can post lists up on the forum & this is to be encouraged. Also you will NOT gain the soft score points if you do not have two copies of a clearly legible army list on the days of the event! All lists will be posted to the army list thread after the Monday deadline.

Painted & cohesive - 10 points
Every model in the army must have a basic paint job of 3 colours or more on the model without undercoat showing. All models must be from the same army. I' e borrowed modes will not get you these points. If this is not the case for every model, the army will get 0 points for painted.

Detailed - 7 points
Every model in the army must be painted to a good-to high standard with a suitably coherent paintjob where appropriate.

To get the 'Detailed' soft score, all models must have:
- painted highlights on armour, skin, plates etc.
- details such as eyes, hair, grenades, knives, pouches etc. must be painted.

The 'Detailed' soft score will not be given to armies that have 3 colours & a wash, or a similarly simplistic paintjob with a bit of highlighting. The army needs to look like a good deal of effort has been put into it, even if your personal painting standard is not amazing.

Squad Markings - 6 points
- Squad markings. Every unit needs to be clearly marked as so that your opponent can tell them apart. Squads with dedicated transports need to have unified markings on them. Examples of squad markings included: different colours on the base edges, numbers on each squad, the same coloured right shoulder or something similar.

Objectives - 3 points
You must have 6 painted objective markers on round bases. These must be army-specific and must look like suitable battlefield objectives. Dice, gemstones or unpainted objectives will not count for this soft score. You can also use the GW 1's

Based - 3 points
Every model that comes with a base must be mounted on it throughout the tournament (e.g. skimmers and walkers). Every base needs to be textured and painted in some manner, including clear flying bases. Every model in the army must furfill this criteria to get the soft score.

WYSIWYG - 6 points
Every model must be modelled with the equipment that is listed on its profile, including vehicles. For instance a Chaos Marine would need a boltgun, boltpistol, close combat weapon, frag & krak grenades. In the case of Daemons you will need to have tokens that donate which gifts each of your models has. So you will need a lot if you have a lot of gifts. These can be as easy as writing the gift on a bit of paper & cellotape around the paper to keep it from deteriorating. These will then need to be placed next to the unit so your opponent can clearly see which gift/pyshic power is in effect that turn. I.e If I cast a psychic power I will place the psychic powers card next to the unit that has the power, so my opponent & I remember. This is just good gaming behaviour & if you have a lot of psychic powers/gifts or other things you can get. Then they must be shown. WYSWIG will not be given if people quickly rip up bits of paper & write on them.

This soft score is supposed to be notoriously difficult to gain. It rewards those who put extra effort into modelling their armies to match the army lists. If any model in the combined army is not WYSIWYG, you will get no points for WYSIWYG.

NOTE: WYSWIG is 6 points. It's hard to attain so don't feel that you got a hard deal if you FAIL to meet the harsh standard. It can obviously be easier to gain with some armies but it can be done by them all & does on regular occassions

Soft scores total to 40 extra points, which is pretty much equal to a win & a draw. If you want to win the tournament, you will need to put a fair amount of effort into the soft scores as well as simply smashing skulls in!

Any queries about the soft score, please contact me in the usual method.

The 'Thanks but no thanks' award
(The alternative nickname is a little strongly-worded!)

If two or more of players give clear and valid reasons why they had a particularly unpleasant game against another player, the player in question will most probably be docked 30 points for unsporting conduct.

The reasons will have to be explained to the Tournament Referee. The most common example would be dishonest or unscrupulous gaming behaviour. Players will not be docked points just because you don't like them; there needs to be a valid reason. Any players caught blatantly cheating will most probably be asked to leave the event.

Further examples are

Not explaining there army list properly

Lying about unit stats

Lying about abilities a unit has

Failing to roll for reserves/tactically forgetting to roll for them

Failing to roll for army specific rolls

Confusing die rolling

Not explaining clearly what they are rolling for

Some amount of discretion is needed as people can forget stuff but if any of the above are highlighted by a player then for the following rounds a ref may come over to the offending persons table from time to time to watch the proceedings!

Other bits

Even if GW bring an FAQ out the very day of the event it will still be used.

We will also be using the Brighton Warlords FAQ:


A note on counts as models. They are fine provided they are near as possible to the actuall model your trying to represent. Especially the case where the size of the model is in issue. You must try hard to make it look as close to the model as you can. + You can't use old models like ork trucks! You have to use the newest size model that are in production. Other people use Land raiders as ork Battlewagons??? This seriously increases their front arc & will not be accepted. You will have to use the standard ork battlewagon template. Also sometimes people don't want to spent �10 or so per fiend! which is understandable. So use other plastic cheaper models (which is fair enough) though when it comes to line of sight the 'Real' model needs to be used. This is common sense really. No modelling for advantage! If the referee feels that the player is modelling for advantage or the counts as model is not represented in the proper manner they may be asked to remove the models from the event &/or suffer a points penalty. Meaning a deduction in points probably around 30 points. So put the effort in if you want to use something sick but don't want to spend the money on it!

Also we shall be using the Brighton Warlords FAQ which can sometimes be amended. If people want a clarification on an unusual ruling post it up before the event so this can be looked at.

You won't be able to play the same team twice at the Tournament. I have never seen why tournaments do this & think it's totally pointless. So you will have 6 different opponents to play.

Each team will play each other team on a swiss system. With winners playing winners & so on

I look forward to seeing as many people as possible.

Prizes will awarded for 1st place team, 2nd place team, 3rd place team, Best Army

Another new addition we shall be bringing in is 'spot prizes' there will be 1 per round. so thats 6 in total!

I feel that it's just something fun to do. Prizes will prob be �5 voucher or something. They will be along the lines of '1st person to get tabled' or stuff like that. So they are aimed at people doing badly or are just horrifically unlucky '1st person to get pinned when coming out of a wrecked vehicle' etc. So it gives people that are not going to get a 'Placing' something nice hopefully. That's the plan...


We will be using each of the missions from the rulebook. Where there is a random number of objectives to be determined. The Tournament referee will roll this & all people will have the same number of objectives to fight over

During the pre game phase you MUST discuss each others list & pass your army list to your opponent & answer any questions honestly explaining any special rules that your units have.

The mission & deployment has already been decided for each round. Therefore once you are at your tables; Deploy objectives (if needed), roll for sides (deploy fortifications) then roll for psychic powers, warlord traits, night fight & after all that pre game stuff (like Daemonic gifts etc ) 1st turn roll!!

Good luck!

There are only 48 spaces for this event! 12 Teams


Proposed timetable (subject to change)


Registration - 09:00hrs - 09:45hrs

Round 1 - 10:00hrs -12:30hrs MISSION: Big Guns never tire (4 Objectives). DEPLOYMENT: Vanguard Strike. Spot Prize: 1st person to get there warlord killed!

Referee to check army soft scores during round 1 

Lunch - 12:30hrs - 13:30hrs

Round 2 - 13:30hrs - 16:00hrs MISSION: Crusade (5 Objectives). DEPLOYMENT: Hammer & Anvil. Spot Prize: 1st person to get tabled!

Round 3 - 16:00hrs - 18:30hrs MISSION: The Relic. DEPLOYMENT: Dawn of War. Spot Prize: 1st person to lose all there scoring units!


Arrive - 09:30hrs - 09:45hrs

Round 4 - 10:00hrs -12:30hrs MISSION: The Scouring. DEPLOYMENT: Hammer & Anvil. Spot Prize: 1st person to die in a challenge!

Straight after game 4. If you wish to enter your army for 'Best Army' award. Then leave your whole army on 1 of the tables provided. Everyone gets to vote & players decide. In the event of a tie the Judge will make the final decision

Lunch - 12:30hrs - 13:30hrs

Best army judging to commence: People that wish to take part shall leave there army on a designated table. Everyone please vote on best army!!

Round 5 - 13:30hrs - 16:00hrs MISSION: The Emperors Will. DEPLOYMENT: Dawn of War. Spot Prize:1st person to have a unit flee off the board

Round 6 - 16:00hrs - 18:30hrs MISSION: Purge the Alien. DEPLOYMENT: Vanguard Strike. Spot Prize: 1st person to have a model die from perils of the warp or deep strike mishap

Prize-giving - 19:00hrs

The Tournament is slightly longer than usual due to the game taking longer & giving people extra time to play. I shall try to stick to timings where possible, so please be prompt when packing up models and completing games. 24 trays shall be available to move models around, so it's probably best to bring your own.

Please remember that the tournament referee's decision is final! (And that you must not bring food and drink of your own onto the premises!).

The cost will be £5 for Brighton Warlords club members, & £10 for non-club members.

Payment can be made using our paypal account:

Remember to band together for a team of friends!

Peter Cooke

Brighton Warlords

The Tournament attendees list

Will hudson (Eldar)
Henry Wescott (Space marines & Imperial Guard)
Dan Bouckley (Daemons & Chaos space marines)
Rob Edwards (Necrons)

Mark Randall (Horsham Huzzahs)
Matt Randall (Horsham Huzzahs)

Alex Barbor (Southampton Sluggaz)
Cerri Love (Southampton Sluggaz)
Kevin Charles (Southampton Sluggaz)
Ben Johnson (Southampton Sluggaz)

Darren Clegg (Brighton Warlords 'Z' team)
Jeff Barry (Brighton Warlords 'Z' team)

Andrew Humphries (Cambridge bluebloods)
Steven Henderson (Cambridge bluebloods)
Oliver Iyer (Cambridge bluebloods)

Gavin Lambert
Luke Vincent

Matt Robertson (Team Wales)

Lee Brown (Team Losers)
Courtney Rhodes (Team Losers)
Chris Boulton (Team Losers)
Kiran Reddy (Team Losers)

Interested People (Was going to call it the: 'No friends list' but thought it was a little harsh..) smile.gif

Will Tarratt
Lynden Wales
Rupert Greig
Glenn Thomas

Black Marine Studios UK

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