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From Magic To Muskets

It all started with a song.&nbsp

Negative Waves, Man

Hi Guys,

At the club we fully endorse the right for every member to have an opinion about just about anything they want.  That does not mean it is always appropriate to post it in topics.  Here is a general guideline:

  • You think something is too expensive

Dont buy it. 

Thought of the Week

To play a game competitively, there’s no way around playing it often.

Here, competitively means, “at a level where you can reasonably expect to contend for victory in an organised play environment.” Although “organised play” usually connotes collectible games,

Games Workshop Vs Chapter House Studio Court Verdict

Hi All,


This court case has been long in getting to its verdict, starting well over eighteen months ago.  There have various twists and turns, the biggest of which was the pro bona that Chapter House Studio (CHS) secured.