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Havant Wargamers’ Age of Sigmar Tournament Report

On March 3rd the Havant Wargamers hosted their inaugural Age of Sigmar tournament. Read Tony’s report here!

Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Final Report

The weekend of the 7/8th October saw 86 finalists of three heats compete against each other to be proclaimed the Age of Sigmar champion.  I was fortunate enough to qualify at Heat One, but more on that later.

10 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Solent Wargamers are turning 10 this year and we are celebrating by having an all-day gaming session on Saturday the 24th of June.

Daimyo of the South 2017 Report

Many thanks to all who attended our annual Bushido Tournament. A great day all round.

The Solent Wargamers Blood Bowl League

The Solent Blood Bowl League (SBBL) is starting soon but, before it gets underway, there will be two weeks of warm-up games to help new players learn the game and old players remember where they put their dice!

Blood Bowl Tournament

A four-game 1M gold Blood Bowl tournament.

Late War Armageddon Podcast

Check out the Beyond the Foxholes podcast from Breakthrough Assault, where they discuss in brief our recent Flames of War tournament, run by Craig:

Late War Armageddon

Evening all, just back from our clubs first FoW tournament and my first as a TO. Good fun, tiring though,think I might stick to gaming from now on!

Tank Coy, US 3rd Armd Div from Bridge at Remagen (RV)

iC uparmoured M4A3

Super Pershing ‘Daisy’

The Proving Grounds – Month 3 – Alan

Alan’s campaign continues.

The Proving Grounds – Month 3 – David

David’s campaign continues.