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Batman Tournament Battle Report

At the weekend I embarked on my first Batman 350pt tournament…

Horus Heresy 6k Battle Report

Horus Heresy 6,000 points per Side Battle Report
The Armies
Olly83hammer’s Forces
Death Guard

  • Red Naga
  • Farleys Rusk
  • Master of Signals
  • Primus Medicae
  • 2 x 10 man Tactical Squads in Rhinos
  • 10 man Heavy Flamer squad in Rhino
  • 9 man Lascannon Squad
  • 3 x Mortis Dreads with Kheres
  • 3 Medusas
  • 9 Death Shroud in a Spartan

Sons of Horus Allies

  • Chaplain and 8 Justarin in Karibidis
  • 10 Man Tactical Squad

Zak’s Forces

  • Typhon
  • Cerberus
  • Cassian Dracos
  • Praetor
  • Chaplain
  • 2 x 10 Man Tactical in Rhino
  • 10 man Meltagun Squad in Rhino
  • 5 Contemptor Dreads
  • 10 man Firedrakes in Spartan
  • 10 man Terminators in Spartan
  • 10 Pyroclast in Spartan
  • Vindicator
  • Siciran Battle Tank


Late War Armageddon Podcast

Check out the Beyond the Foxholes podcast from Breakthrough Assault, where they discuss in brief our recent Flames of War tournament, run by Craig:

Late War Armageddon

Evening all, just back from our clubs first FoW tournament and my first as a TO. Good fun, tiring though,think I might stick to gaming from now on!

Tank Coy, US 3rd Armd Div from Bridge at Remagen (RV)

iC uparmoured M4A3

Super Pershing ‘Daisy’

The Proving Grounds – Chaos Dwarfs vs Dark Elves

Cadan’s Chaos Dwarves take on Gary’s Dark Elves

5k Horus Heresy Battle Report

A 5,000 point clash between the loyalist Salamanders & Imperial Fists and the traitor Death Guard and Sons of Horus.

The Proving Grounds – Sanj’s Dwarfs vs Oron’s Estalians 750pts

Sanj’s dwarves face off against Oron’s Estalians in month 2 of the campaign.

The Proving Grounds – Battle Report & Month 1 Round-Up

Alan takes us through the first Triumph & Treachery battle of the campaign.

Horus Heresy Massacre Campaign – Game 2

Battle Report – Massacre Campaign Game 2

Salamanders 3k vs Sons of Horus with Imperial Army 3k

Vulkan, Praetor, 7 Firedrakes, 2 Mortis Contemptors, 10 Pyroclast, 2 Tactical in Rhinos,

Horus Heresy Massacre Campaign – Game 1

Over the next few months we will be running a massacre campaign covering the events of the dropsite massacre from book 2 of the horus heresy from forgeworld. This will take the form of a series of linked games or each phase ending in a legendary mission.