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Hammer Ashes 2013

Hi All,

The council are currently arranging the next Hammer Ashes event.  The most significant of these is that our long standing rivals GW Portsmouth are no longer able to field a team.  With the loss of ‘Vet’s Night’

Games Workshop Vs Chapter House Studio Court Verdict

Hi All,


This court case has been long in getting to its verdict, starting well over eighteen months ago.  There have various twists and turns, the biggest of which was the pro bona that Chapter House Studio (CHS) secured. 

After Action Report: Rapid Strike 2013

Rapid Strike


Hosted by the Spiky Club, Reading, this event is a one day, 40k, 1500 point tournament.  Administration was at the consistently high standard that has become the hallmark of Spiky events. 

We need photos of the club!

We’re looking for decent quality photos of the club to put on the website.

Welcome to the new Website!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new Solent Wargamers Website!
Please make sure to report any bugs you discover by commenting on this blog post or on this topic in the forums.