New Space Mats

With the success of the 3’x4′ space mats we bought last year, we have bought a few more.


X-Wing is a popular system, so we’ve ordered two more 3’x4′ mats. The newly released Halo Fleet Battles and the existing Battlefleet Gothic system, however, both benefit from a 4’x6′ playing space. The idea was always that two 3’x4′ mats could be put together for these systems, but this is not ideal. As a result, we also ordered a 6’x4′ mat. Both designs benefit from the addition of a line 6″ in from each side, marking a 3′ division on the 4′ side. This means it is easier to see the 3’x3′ area for X-Wing and the 6’x3′ area for Armada. Hopefully one of these designs will be good for Dropfleet Commander next year!


I would recommend rolling the mats up with the design on the outside before replacing them in their cardboard storage box. This may slightly increase scratching on the artwork, but will encourage the mats to lie flat when next unrolled.


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