Late War Armageddon

Evening all, just back from our clubs first FoW tournament and my first as a TO. Good fun, tiring though,think I might stick to gaming from now on!

Tank Coy, US 3rd Armd Div from Bridge at Remagen (RV)

iC uparmoured M4A3

Super Pershing ‘Daisy’ (CV)
Jumbo, 3 uparmoured Easy 8s
Recce with M2 halftrack and 2 unarmoured jeeps
4 Chaffees
3 Priests, Sherman OP (CV)
3 Sherman Crocodiles (CT)

Not the finest list in the world, I thought, but it mixed a big gun, fast tanks and flamethrowers.

Game One – Pincer against Adam’s Panzers

A very good winter board with blocked LoS. Adam put on his Panzer 4s blocking the objective, Panzerwerfers ready to roll and Panthers in ambush.

I advanced down the main road with my Shermans, while my Chaffees and Recce swung to the right to block the ambush and sweep down onto the rocket launchers. The Panzer 4s fell to the Easy 8s (after losing one) and artillery, but on came the panthers who tore apart the Shermans and my iC. Very painful. My consolation was the Chaffees flanking the Panzer 4 iC.

The Panthers went on the attack, beating on the recce.Although they came on a touch too far, with ToT priest bombardment and a wall of flame from the Shermans bailing and breaking the medium tanks. My Chaffees got no luck chasing down the rocket launchers, being shot up in turn by the reserve Semoventes. With nothing left to really chase down the objective and close to breaking the game ended 3-4, but I learnt a lot about my army against armoured forces.

Game Two – Counterattack against Dave’s Finns

In five years this is my first game against these guys, so I had a lot to learn. A lot of rockhard CV infantry hunkered down behind a riverline, with heavy artillery and PaK40s in ambush. Panzer 4s, AA SP, HMGs and Torni with his SMG crew waited to come on.

I was terrified of the Panzer 4s mauling my Shermans and the 15cms delivering hate from above so I held off with my medium armour until all the reserves were on the table. I lost artillery to the AT ambush, which also lured his tank-hunter infantry against the Priests only to be driven back and broken with the help of a spare Crocodile.

I swung my Chaffees and recce after the far objective, using the central farm complex to block LoS. On the reserve came, infantry in the woods while the SP AA tore apart my Chaffees through the front armour! Annoying little *!&&!^ that they are! The survivors fled to the objective, setting up in cover and finishing off the AA when they followed.

In the meantime my Super Pershing was targeted often by the 15cms and luckily survived three times being ranged in on. When the Panzer 4s came out to play, they suffered from the Easy 8s and Daisy and the game ended on turn 7 with nothing able to contest my Chaffees hunkered down. A good game against a great opponent, who was just a little unfortunate in not taking out the Chaffees from the front or Daisy from above.

Game Three – Surrounded against Mark’s Fallschimjager

I needed revenge. Desperately. We played on Tuesday together, Mark using many of my support options (Tigers, 88s, Nebs, Stuka, SP AA, StuGs that were finished at 6am this morning) and he whupped me with a strong combination of bombardments and effective AT fire. He deployed in the centre in a row of ruined houses, the 88s and Tigers blocking one whole flank where I put my artillery, concentrated my armour on his StuGs and prepared my light tanks and flames to clear out the objective-house of FJ with Schreks aplenty.

Oh, and did I mention he got double six on his Tiger Ace Rolls?! RoF3 and re-roll misses. I’ve never had that with these Tigers in years of playing.

I concentrated my fire on the StuGs, knocking out two with one surviving for four more turns. The newly bolshy Tigers went on the offensive against me, sweeping down the roads to encircle me from the rear. That’s right, heavy slow tanks on a pincer movement!! On the other side, the SP AA launched against my Priests, taking one with air taking another before falling to the OP Sherman. Until the Tigger threat was gone, I hid my Chaffees and Crocs in the woodline.

Eventually, the game swung my way, as the light tanks, iC and Crocs finished off the StuGs and Nebs in the centre. While Daisy took out a Tiger platoon commander, the other Easy8s were completely useless against the Tiger side armour. Finally, I used all 15 flame shots to sweep 8 FJ off the objective, ready for a Chaffee charge but it wasn’t needed, we called the game as 6-1. A strong ballsy performance from a new player who, with a bit more experience of the riles and a list he enjoys, could really own the local scene.

So to my surprise, with a list I wasn’t too sure of I ended up coming second Allied and overall! A good day was the best result, with things mostly going smoothly. Would I run this list again? Possibly not, nice toys but the list doesn’t seem to work together just yet. Would I run a tournament again? I’ll decide later, but thanks to everyone who came along, brought terrain and had a laugh, and especially to the newer players in the club and from outside, hope you enjoyed yourself!

Dave 46
Craig 45
Tom 44
>Ben C-L 43
>Mike 43
Matt 40
Ben 38
Adam 34
Chris 33
Nick 29
Paul 28
>Mark 25
>Axel 25
Dave (Finns) 22
Ed 11
Simon 5

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