The Proving Grounds – Sanj’s Dwarfs vs Oron’s Estalians 750pts

This game was played as a pre-determined match up for the Proving grounds campaign.

Due to a slight communication error, Oron showed up with 2,400 points of Skaven to take on my 750 points of Dwarves.

After a quick trip home Oron came back with the right army.



Oron El Handro – Captain of the Empire

Casimiro – Master Engineer

Rafael’s Rolderos – 20 Swordsmen with Standard Bearer

Cachi’s conquistadors – 5 Outriders

Maria – Hellblaster Volley Gun

Pygmies – 40 militia

750 points



Groin Stonescribe – Runesmith with gromril armour, great weapon, shield and rune of stone (74pts)

Grudge campaign quarrellers – 19 quarrellers with heavy armour and great weapons (266pts)

Pilot Biggles – Gyrocopter with steam cannon and vanguard (100pts)

Pilot Algy – Gyrocopter with steam cannon and vanguard (100pts)

Pilot Wilks – Gyrocopter with steam cannon (80pts)

Knights of the Black Bear – 5 dwarf knights with gromil armour, lance, shield and barding (130pts)

750 points


Oron El Handro is in the swordsmen unit and Groin Stonescribe is with the quarrellers.

Oron’s deployment.


My deployment after vanguard movement.


Turn 1

Estalian turn 1

Oron advances with everything, even his hellblaster volley gun to bring the dwarf knights into range.


Dwarf turn 1

Algy and Wilks attempt bombing runs on the outriders. Wilks successfully kills two outriders but Algy must have cut his fuse too short and loses a wounds from misfiring. Biggles flys up to spray steam on the swordsman, combined with shooting from the quarrellers the swordsman lose a full rank but pass their panic check.

The dwarf knights ‘bravely’ back up out of the volley gun’s range.


Turn 2

Estalians turn 2

The swordmen and pygmies continue to advance as the outriders shoot at the dwarf knights who make all of their armour saves. The volley gun fires ten shots at Biggles who prepares to meet his maker. Miraculously only two shots hit and Biggles survives on one remaining wound.

The empire advance.


Dwarves turn 2

The quarrellers eat some questionable mushrooms in the forest, they fail their stupidity test and stumble out of the woods. Algy charges into the hellblaster crew with the sole purpose of tying them up and preventing further shooting. Wilks uses his steamgun on the outriders and kills another. Biggles shoots at the swordmen who fail their panic test with a roll of triple 5’s and flee. The dwarf knights charge into the pygmies and despite the massed ranks of the empire the dwarfs win combat by one. The pygmies are steadfast but unable to use their fleeing general’s leadership; they flee and are run down by the dwarves.

There used to be pygmies here.


Turn 3

Estalians turn 3

The swordsmen rally to face the dwarf knights two remaining outriders advance towards the knights. Casimiro the master engineer charges Algy to win the combat by causing a wound but Algy passes his break test.


Dwarf turn 3

Biggles perfroms a bombing run on the swordsmen and reduces them to five men and their general. Wilks kills another outrider. The dwarf knights charge into the volleygun and kill all of the crew. Casimiro flees from combat to be run down by Algy. The quarrellers have nothing better to do and move up.


Turn 4

Estalian turn 4

Both the swordsmen and the lone outrider charge into the rear of the dwarf knights. The combat is drawn and there are no musicians to tip the balance.


Dwarves turn 4

The quarrellers reform and advance. The gyrocopters surround the ongoing combat waiting for the swordsmen to flee. The knights have reformed to face the swordsmen and kill the last outrider. Oron El Handro manages to kill a dwarf knight but the combat is drawn again.


Estalian turn 5

All of the swordsmen are killed in the ongoing combat. El Handro kills another dwarf knight, he loses the combat but passes his break test,


Dwarves turn 5

Biggles charges El Handro in the rear to tip the combat resolution in the dwarves’ favour. El Handro flee from combat and is run down by the knights.

Victory to the dwarves 750pts-0pts!

Two dwarves covered head to toe in shining gromril armour flung the human in yellow and purple garb to his knees before Groin Stonescribe. Groin stared at the umgi in distaste as his voice boomed, “Your slight on our race will be entered into the record of ages”.

The human appeared shocked, “What do you mean, we came to treat with you”.

“I think you’ll find you fired first”, quipped Stonescribe, “if you’ve come to treat, then treat”. 

“My men, they are wounded, you have to…”

“I have to do nothing, I’ll give you terms for our treaty”, a wide grin spread across Stonscribe’s face, “you will surrender all of the gold your warband is carrying to us to pay for the field surgery and treatment we will provide, you may leave, no need to thank me”.

El Handro took a moment to recover from the proposal set before him but accepted he would need to turn over a vast amount of gold to the dwarves. Raising to his feet, El Handro slipped what seemed to be an elongated golden skull into his robes unseen. He bowed with dignity, thanked the dwarf and left the tent.

Groin patted the dwarf knights who brought the captain to him, “That umgi there, he is my bitch”.

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