December 2014 Newsletter

December 2014 Newsletter

Hi All

It’s getting near to Christmas time and although that means most of us will be getting new toys from our loved ones, it does also mean the club will be closed for 2 weeks. December the 16th will be our last meeting before Christmas and we will be open again on January the 6th.

But we don’t like to let the year pass without some fun so after the success of the giant X-wing game last year we want to offer again a night where you can just turn up and have some fun with everyone. So this year we will do Mince Pies and group games.

These will include Robo Rally, The Resistance, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Cockroach Poker, Tusro and maybe even some Tentacle Bento. All these games are quick so you’ll be able to play many of them, if not all in one night. So just bring yourself along and let’s have a merry old time to see off 2014.

All the best
El Presidente

Club Tops

You have all I’m sure seen members wandering around with Club Shirts but I’m not sure that everyone knows how to get them.
Simple contact me! Just send me (fcwookiee) a PM to let me know If you want a T-shirt, Polo Shirt and or Hoodie and what size you need it in.
Also remember every member gets their first t-shirt or Polo shirt for FREE!

In The Pipes

I thought I would give you a glimpse into what we are planning for the new year.

I’m sure your all aware Tony will be returning to run a 40k Tournament for the Club at the end of January. Tickets are only £6 each

In February we will be running our first Bushido Tournament. We wanted the games to be accessible to new and old players so we have set the game size at 42 rice. This will allow new players to just pick up a starter and an extra model or two and at the same time give the veteran players some flexibility with their choices.

In April we will host another International Tabletop Day. It was a massive success this year and I hope we can have even more people next year.

In May we have a Flames of War Late War Tournament which will be preceded by a campaign to get us all in full swing.

We are also looking at the possibility of doing something for Drop Zone Commander as well to go with the clubs lovely new terrain.


We have started to offer you guys the ability to start paying for tickets on the club site via PayPal and as some of you with the keen eye may have noticed that that there is a difference in cost. For example the tickets for the 40k Event are £6 but £6.40 via PayPal. We have had to do this as PayPal takes a cut of every transaction, it was 6.66% on the ticket sales….evil. So we had to put up the price to make sure we cover the hall higher for the day. We will review this everytime we add new purchase options to see when the club can cover the cost or when we have to pass it on but we will always try and keep it to a minimum.

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