2014/15 Season Pass

The 2014/15 Season Pass is now available to buy through PayPal for £60. You needn’t have an account with PayPal, as they will handle any card payments, but we will still accept cash payments at club meetings if you prefer.

The 2014/15 Season Pass will cease to be available at midnight on 30/09/2014.

A Season Pass covers your membership and regular meeting game fees for the entire year, until the next AGM. For the 4 week grace period following that AGM, you will count as a yet-to-renew member, but will need to pay game fees unless you renew the Season Pass. Special meetings (weekend events etc.) may still require an attendance fee – this is dependent on the nature of the event and the costs of running it.

Please note this is an experiment for the year. We hope to be able to lower the price and expand the benefits next year, provided it is successful this year.

To get started, please go here: http://solentwargamers.co.uk/season-pass/

If you wish to buy more than one Season Pass, e.g. for you and another member, please state the full name of the members.

4 comments on “2014/15 Season Pass
  1. James says:

    I have just paied for mine via Paypal, hopefully it have worked right. 

  2. Gary says:

    Just to confirm paid for mine yesterday

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