Blood Bowl Casual League 2014

Our Table Top Day event was a big success, raising just under £160 for the Royal British Legion! Thanks to all who made it a great day!

One of the games which saw several players interested in more frequent play was the ever-awesome Blood Bowl.
As a result, we wanted to run something which would allow development of the teams but not require a minimum number of games to be played each week/month and wouldn’t overly disadvantage those who couldn’t play as often as others. This was important to me because I am a terrible game whore – I love playing many different games and just can’t commit to formal leagues or tournaments.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with this persistent casual league with a scoring system based on WDL averages but giving extra points for playing games, regardless of results.
We will reach a point where there are some clear leaders of the pack. At this point, we will have a playoffs period of a couple of weeks. The winner of this will receive a resin trophy, made by Master Crafted Miniatures. The League points will then be reset, but teams will continue as they were.

There is no need to start playing by a fixed date or to play regularly, so get involved! Don’t be worried about being destroyed by developed teams when you join halfway through – Blood Bowl does a good job of balancing this with star players and other bonuses, like fireball-hurling wizards!
Inexperienced coaches should visit Blood Bowl Tactics to get great info on how to be a better coach.

Here’s a basic run-down of the league rules:

  • Blood Bowl Competition Rules
  • Chaos Pact, Underworld and Slann teams are in.
  • Illegal Procedures are in.
  • Starting roster 1M (loans available on request if you need 1.1M)
  • MVP may be chosen, but not the same player in two consecutive matches.
  • Games only at club
  • All teams and players must be named! (exception made for zombies; they are all called “…brainsss…”)
  • Funky scoring system is experimental and subject to change!

– Read more in the Casual League 2014 Rules, Table & Results forum topic.

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