Table Top Day 05/04/14

International Table Top Day 2014

As many of you already know, International Table Top day is set as the 5th of April this year. We have use of the Royal British Legion hall for this date and we want to start planning what we will be doing this year.

This comes down to you guys & gals; the members. The council is here to enable you to do what you want, so tell us what that is! It could be running card games, board games or wargames. What participation and demo games would you like to run? We probably won’t have space for tournaments unless they are very small and the aim of the day is to try new games and share your love of old ones!

Entry cost is yet to be confirmed and times are likely to be 10am-6pm, though that will also need to be confirmed. Book the time off now!

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  1. Brown says:

    Firefly the boardgame would be cool, also something Lovecraftian but not too long.


    I think our theme should be ‘short games’ something that takes 2 hours to play at most.

  2. Gary says:

    Should be free and I could run a Zombicide campaign where you carry over skills and equipment from previous games

  3. Why free? I’m not against that at all, but would like to know the reasoning. The club will certainly be subsidising, but not sure what percentage.

    I can’t remember how much it is to rent the hall for the day. Once we know that, and it may have changed, we can figure costs out.

  4. Gary says:

    Haha sorry Ben I meant I should be free to attend

  5. …aaaaaaaah! Riiiiiight… Oops!

  6. OK everyone, the date is confirmed.

    It may be easiest if we start with the regular board games night format and go from there.

    I’ll bring along Relic, Elder Sign + Unseen Forces, Munchkin Fu and Moby Dick, or the Card Game.

    I’m also thinking I’ll bring along Bushido and Eden, as they are great small skirmish games.

    I’d like to be able to offer prizes over the course of the day. Need to have a think on that.


    Let’s hear what you’d like to bring and what you’d like to do.

    Want to run a demo of your favourite game? Maybe a mini tournament or a single large game? Post your ideas here!

  7. Fleafa says:

    Event now live on TableTopDay:
    If you are planning to attend, please head over there, register and RSVP to the event!

  8. Gary says:

    Not sure how to confirm on the website that I’m going? Anyway as I said I’ll be there with Zombicide and if there’s enough interest maybe I’ll do a campaign 🙂

  9. You need to register as a user on that site, then you can RSVP on the club’s page.

  10. zero reason says:

    There will probably be about 10+ of us from POB comming along so if there are any games that people want to try let us know. We have quite a large collection between the members.

    I will probably have one of my boys in tow who would love to try a quick and easy minatures game.


  11. Kevlar says:

    2 blasts from the past:


    How about a Blood Bowl cup tournament?  Say about 8 teams max.

    4 games playing at the same time.  Timed turns.  

    8 fresh new teams playing 4 games each with the winner having the most points.  eg.. 3pts win. 1pt draw. 0 for lose.

    If two teams have same winning points then an extra grudge match can decide the cup winner.


    OR Mordheim tournament?  About 4-6 gangs/war groups.  Again several games can play at the same time and then swap tables/missions.  

  12. Would you be interested in running one? I’d say Blood Bowl is the better option, though open games of starter teams would be best so newcomers could try the game out.

    We need club members to run the games/tournaments. I know Gary will be running Zombicide.

  13. Brown says:

    If need be I could pop in and run something small-ish, maybe death angel or carcassonne, etc


  14. Only popping in? Would be great if you did. If you are working though, don’t worry about running a game unless you want to.

  15. juck101 says:

    I’m tempted to run some starter Blood Bowl games on the day.I was thinking Humans vs Orcs and Wood Elves vs Dwarves over two tables.


    I think I need to wait a week to check i’m free on the day, but it should be fine.

  16. That would be amazing. I have well painted Humans and Orcs, if needed.

  17. Brown says:

    I’ve checked and i’ve got the day off, i’ll run a area with my newest card game Cult Classic (1-6 players) what time should I turn up ?

  18. Great! 9am onwards matey. I’ll be bringing a few things. I’ll most likely start off running Moby Dick as it is unusual and I don’t think anyone else has it.

  19. Zak says:

    I have to admit this is starting to sound kind of cool actually, I’m going to try alot of different games, Xwing is a must I think.

  20. Yeah, I’d like to get some X-Wing in.

  21. Brown says:

    So so far we’ve got…..


    Moby Dick the card game

    Blood Bowl

    Cult Classic

    Zombiecide (I’m dubbing the escapade ‘Better red then zed’)

    with X wing in there somewhere .

  22. Yeah, as well as whatever the 10 or so people from PoB bring along :)

  23. Kevlar says:

    Blood bowl seems the better option.
    So if I’m running this how do I get more people? Seems it’s just me and Juck101 at the moment. Put it over a main forum?
    I have several teams so I may just bring them all along. People can use my models on the day if they want to join in.
    I have humans, orcs, wood elves, goblins, norse, ogres&gnoblers, skaven, (maybe lost skaven), high elves.

  24. The idea is that people will be coming who aren’t members of the club, so arranging them in advance isn’t really an option. The main aim of the day is to allow people to play games they’ve never played before and share those they already love with others.

    That said, I’ll be up for some Blood Bowl.

  25. zero reason says:

    Not played Blood Bowl for years (probably about 15), would love to give it a revisit. I still have my second edition set somewhere, might be tempted to dust it off afterwards.


    I will bring along a selection of games, probably lighter ones as I will probably have one of my boys with me.

  26. Gary says:

    I’ll definitely be up for some Blood Bowl haven’t played in years 🙂

  27. Kevlar said
    Ok so I have logged my details with :…..mers-club/
    But how RSVP on Solent Web-site?

    I’ve given up trying to use their website to count attendees. The Facebook event is the best way.

    ALSO: I have a Norse team but no ‘Ulfwerner’ models. I don’t think they made any. Any suggestions for alternative models? Also was going to use a Gorger as a Snow Troll.

    Not sure about Ulfwerners. Should be a company out there which provides an alternative. Gorger works well enough as a snow troll, I think.


  28. juck101 says:

    Blood bowl should be awesome fun with a few of us :) I have at least ten teams I will bring down so we should have plenty of options. I have one pitch and the club has another, but please bring a pitch if anyone has one


    Some Ulfs ideas follow.…..n=valkyrie………

    Very cheap resin team with ulfs:…

  29. Rat-Bone says:

    I was thinking of bringing my metal gear solid risk and running a few games. Something a little lighter to mix it up!

  30. Brown says:

    Snake ? Snake ? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAKE ! 

    Always liked Msg  LOL

  31. Rat-Bone says:

    Done! Cheesy sci/fantasy/espionage/horror/world domination game is coming to the legion!

  32. zero reason says:

    Cracking day of gaming.


    Thanks for putting everything together Ben, good job.


  33. Went pretty well! Took care of itself for the most part. Turns out, if you put a bunch of gamers in a room with some games, fun is had by all. Who knew?
    Raised just under £160 for the Royal British Legion! Thanks to all who made it a great day! Special thanks to Brown for manning the till for the first half of the day so I could buzz around :)

  34. Paul says:

    well done ben and everybody

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