Dwarfs vs Empire 2500 points

Dwarves vs. Empire

I played this battle against Alan back in October of 2013. Please forgive me for any sketchy details, I need to work on my note taking. This game was practise for a tournament Alan had coming up using Swedish comp rules. You work out how good your army is on a scale of 1 to 20 with 1 being the most ‘powerful’. I think the Dwarves came out dead middle with a score of 10 and the Empire were a bit tougher at 6 points.


Runelord, shield, master rune of balance, rune of resistance, rune of stone

Thane, battle standard bearer, master rune of gromril, rune of resistance, rune of preservation

[H] 38 Hammers

[Dw11] 40 Warriors, great weapons, full command

[Dw12] 40 Warriors, great weapons full command

[GT1] Grudge Thrower, engineer, rune of accuracy, rune of penetration, rune of fire

[GT2] Grudge Thrower, engineer, rune of accuracy, rune of penetration, rune of penetration

[C] Cannon, engineer, rune of forging

[OG] Organ Gun

[E] Master Engineer, great weapon, shield, handgun

 photo ff50dc42-b5d2-4c71-9119-0d2c361ba06c_zps3d7358fd.jpg


Grand master on warhorse

Warrior priest

Captain, bsb


Wizard, Lvl 4, lore of death

[H1] 40 Halberdiers 1

[H2] 40 Halberdiers 2

[K] 11 Knights

[D] 4 Demigryph knights

[ST] Steam Tank

[C1] Cannon

[C2] Cannon

[C3] Cannon

[H] Hellblaster volleygun

[LoH] Luminark of Hysh

[E] Engineer

 photo e44d621b-4788-45e6-9e12-882c3fbc326a_zps80831930.jpg



Deployment photo dwarves_vs_empire_map01_zps25eb0bff.jpg

The Empire level 4 wizard takes the Lore of Death and begins the game with the Fate of Bujna, Doom and Darkness, Sould Blight and Spirit Leech.


Turn 1 – Dwarves


D1 photo dwarves_vs_empire_map02_zpse3bd2e5f.jpg

The Dwarves stay put and open fire with their artillery.

Destroying an Empire cannon and the hellblaster volleygun between them.

 photo CIMG0432_zpsb20723f5.jpg

Alan smiling before losing half of his artillery in the first turn.

Turn 1 – Empire


E1 photo dwarves_vs_empire_map03_zps82f3392b.jpg

The Empire advance as the steamtank misfires loosing 3 wounds.

One of the cannons also misfires and is destroyed.

The last remaining cannon fires into the hammerers, felling 3 of them.

The magic phase in uneventful as all attempted spells are dispelled.

 photo CIMG0437_zpsba0a0ff8.jpg

The Empire battle line advances.

Turn 2 – Dwarves


D2 photo dwarves_vs_empire_map04_zps4b2866b6.jpg

The warriors on the left flank reform into deep ranks facing towards the advancing demigryph knights.

The warriors on the right flank swift reform into deep ranks and move straight forward and the hammerers advance to keep in line with them.

The cannon aims at the halberdiers and overshoots into the Hymnark, reducing it to 1 wound and the grudge thorwers kill one demigryph knight between them.

 photo CIMG0440_zpsbc13dbc4.jpg

A demigryph knight falls to a thrown grudge stone.

Turn 2 – Empire


E2 photo dwarves_vs_empire_map05_zps59bf93fe.jpg

The Empire battlle line shuffles forward and the steamtank misfires yet again, losing a further 2 wounds.

The knights on the right flank race forward to stay out of the warrior’s front arc.

Most notably the Empire wizard casts Fate of Bhujna with irresistible force at the enemy bsb, turning the dwarf to jelly.

The Wizard explodes and takes 15 halberdiers to the grave with him for his trouble.

In a show of gunmanship the Empire cannon destroys the opposing cannon, causing the dwarven master engineer to consider taking the slayer oath.

 photo CIMG0442_zpsf99e9ffc.jpg

The aftermath of the wizard’s miscast.

Turn 3 – Dwarves


D3 photo dwarves_vs_empire_map06_zps654f1801.jpg

The warriors on the left flank shuffle to keep as much of the Empire battleline in their front arc as possible as the hammerers advance and the warriors on the right flank reform into horde formation to face the Empire knights.

The organ gun takes down 1 knight and the grudge throwers kill 12 halberdiers.

 photo CIMG0443_zps947a8e18.jpg

Soon the battle lines will clash together.

Turn 3 – Empire


E3 photo dwarves_vs_empire_map07_zps28ca6174.jpg

The Empire charge across the board as the demigryphs and halberdiers smash into the left-most warriors.

The steam tank fails to reach the hammerers, leaving the second unit of halberdiers to fight them alone.

The knights on the right flank charge into the awaiting warriors.

The Hymnark left on 1 wound boosts the halberdiers in combat and along with the Demigryphs the and they slaughter 11 dwarves.

Without a re-roll from the bsb, the dwarves fail their breaktest, even with steadfast, and are run down.

The halberdiers overrun into the closest grudge thrower and the demigryphs reform to face the hammerers.

15 halberdiers fall to the hammerers and they turn and flee escaping the short legged dwarves.

Finally the knights kill 5 dwaves on the charge and loose 2 of their own in return.

 photo CIMG0447_zpsb0dcb9ca.jpg

Getting ready for multiple charges.


 photo CIMG0448_zps437bddc5.jpg

Those dwarf warriors don’t last long.

Turn 4 – Dwarves


D4 photo dwarves_vs_empire_map08_zps9910b941.jpg

The hammerers reform to face the steam tank and demigryphs.

The dwarven master engineer rushes to the defense of his grudge thrower but is killed in a duel with the Empire battle standard bearer and the machine destroyed by halberdiers.

The halberdiers reform to face the remaining grudge thrower.

Two knights die on the right flank, failing to kill any warriors but they hold in combat.

The organ gun removes the final wound from the Hymnark.

 photo CIMG0454_zpse061d62e.jpg

The dwarf engineer is bested in single combat and the grudge thrower destroyed.

Turn 4 – Empire


E4 photo dwarves_vs_empire_map09_zps10b92e00.jpg

The demigryphs and steam tank charge into the hammerers, one demigyph falls and 10 hammerers die but the combat continues.

The halberdiers charge into the remaining grudgethrower but fail to kill all of the crew.

The knights loose their fight with the warriors and flee 10″, the dwarves give chase but stumble forward only a couple of inches.

The second unit of halberdiers continues to flee.


 photo CIMG0455_zpsec4b47d4.jpg

A bloody battle rages on with the hammerers as the Empire state troops continue to flee.


 photo CIMG0457_zps20c1c7c4.jpg

Stunty legs can’t keep up with horses.

Turn 5 – Dwarves


D5 photo dwarves_vs_empire_map10_zps5b7c8b44.jpg

The dwarf warriors reform to face the halberdiers that have now destroyed the last grudgethrower.

The hammerers suffer heavy casualties but manage to fell another demigryph.

The organ gun kills one more knight, leaving just the grand master alone.


Turn 5 – Empire


E5 photo dwarves_vs_empire_map11_zps8213a263.jpg

The fleeing halberdiers rally to face the hammerers.

Now that all his warmachines are destroyed the Empire engineer advances towards the fighting.

The larger unit of halberdiers charges the organ gun, destroying it and overrunning into the dwarf warriors.

The grand master continues to flee.

The hammerers take heavy casualties again but wound the steam tank and stay in the fight.


Turn 6 – Dwarves


D6 photo dwarves_vs_empire_map12_zps5bdf3cbe.jpg

The hammerers manage to destroy the steam tank and kill the last demigryph knight.

They turn to face the halberdiers to the north.

The halberdiers in the south are defeated by the dwarf warriors, they turn and flee, escaping but leaving the battle standard behind.

 photo CIMG0460_zps335cd3eb.jpg

Both the human and dwarf hordes are greatly diminished.

Turn 6 – Empire


E6 photo dwarves_vs_empire_map13_zpsc7a95bc7.jpg

The halberdiers continue to flee whilst the grand master rallies on the right flank.

The engineer lets loose a pigeon bomb on the hammerer unit striking all 6 and the runelord.

4 hammerers die, leaving just one hammerer and the runelord totalling over 600 points.

 photo CIMG0461_zps83a6593a.jpg

The engineer seeks vengeance for the destruction of the many warmachines under his care.


 photo CIMG0462_zps09934ae7.jpg

He lines the hammerers up in his sights and releases da bomb.


 photo CIMG0464_zps2e95e68e.jpg

The hammerers are pulverised by the pigeon bomb but the two survivors total over 700 points alone and secure a dwarf victory.

The game ends in a dwarf win with well over a 1000 points of dwarves left alive and only half that in empire troops.


I knew the Empire was going to have a tough time against the dwarves unless they could crack one of the flanks and chew through all my warmachines. That’s exactly what they did after the loss of my bsb. I really should have finished off that Hymnark sooner as its buffs greatly aided the downfall of the dwarves left flank. Alan was really unlucky with misfires across the board but that final pigeon bomb so nearly won him the game.

The dwarven runelord picked himself up from the ground, patting the dirt from his robes and wincing at the ringing in his ears. His one remaining bodyguard begins shaking him by the shoulders and holding up one or maybe two fingers. “Leave off you wazzock” the runelord barks, “gather the rest of the warriors, I’ve got a score to settle with that umgi engineer”. A muffled voice can only just be heard by the runelord from the lone hammerer facing him, “there are no more cannons to reclaim my lord, they were all destroyed by inferior black powder”. As his face flushes red with anger the runelord reveals a large book of grudges from beneath his robes, “damn the cannons, I’m going to find that engineer and stick this book where the sun don’t shine, since when have the umgi been weaponising poultry?”

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