Warfare Reading MW Tournament

Hey all. So two years ago I went to this event and got thoroughly whupped. However, I did end up buying a Zvedka KV-1 for my looted panzer platoon, but have only used it once in two years. Thus, when this tournament came round again I decided to build a list using it, and also one that could take on the Soviet Heavy Armour which I struggled against last time. Here it is, not the most competitive but…

  • CHQ with SMGs and Panzerknackers
  • Sniper
  • AT Rifle
  • 10 stand Pioneer rifle platoon
  • 7 stand Pioneer rifle platoon with trucks
  • 9 stand Luftwaffe R/MG platoon
  • Heavy platoon, 2 HMGs, 2 8cm mortars with trucks
  • Looted Panzer platoon, KV-1 with cupola
  • Schwere Panzer platoon, Tiger with Panzer III M support
  • ATG platoon, 2 PaK40
  • Limited BF109e

Game 1 – Counterattack vs. Russian Heavy Armour (FC)

Just as expected! But this time I was ready for the mass of Matildas, KV-1s and 2s, recce and light tanks. I built a multi-layered line of defences, so when the tanks came rattling forward I could slow them, and contract onto the objective while causing casualties.

I lost the 40s to a first-turn volley, but the iC helped with many re-rolls to keep the large pioneers around. My KV and HMGs kept the recce honest but the main effort was straight into my frontlines. In the end I had enough stands and could inflict enough losses in counter-assaults to blunt the attack, while the Tigger was untouchable. 5-2 win to me against a player who came 8th out of 26.

P.S. Having a sniper against an all-armour list is a bit daft!

Game Two – Surrounded vs. German DAK Panzergrenadierkompanie (CV)

I wish I defended.. Oh well, nice big open desert table and he deployed facing both ways. My plan was to be patient, wear him down, strike hard at both ends and break him at either end.

However, I didn’t stick to that plan, and first turn advance and got whupped. Second turn my counter-attack on his recce, using a flamethrower, pioneers and smoke failed miserably. No flames, no smoke, no assault and they got shot up and fled in turn. There was fire on the other end of the table as my KV went up in flames, and in the centre two three-flights of aircraft with ATGs and Tigers underneath were shot down to a man by unarmoured 2cm SPAAGs. Sigh…

With my offence limited, I now had to wear him down slowly. The mortars took out the SPAAGs, the sniper did nothing, the air did nothing, the 40s did nothing, the Tiger did nothing… However the recce got too adventurous, were lured close to the Luftwaffe who shot them up with the AT Rifle and assaulted, claiming a long, drawn-out 3-4 loss to me. I need to play smarter!!

P.S. this guy came second, a very fun game too and we promised when we next meet to play a more exciting game!

Game Three – Dust-up vs. Tankovy with 21 T-34s (FC)

I thought, great, nice open board for my guns to find his conscript tanks. However, I made a mistake from a lack of knowledge. I didn’t think you could assault from reserves, which with flamethrowers could have gotten mixed in and caused a lot of casualties. But, thinking I couldn’t, this left my KV, mortars, HMGs and small pioneer to get clubbed like seals.

The air couldn’t hit much, as he’d spread out, and there was a lot of pre-measuring to keep his tanks out of range. After knocking out half my platoons which came on, he surged forward, took losses, swamped me. Highly frustrating as this was another game which not much happened, but he did exactly what I would have done if roles reversed.

1-6 to Robin, who came 9th overall.

Game Four – Cauldron vs. Romanian infantry

My final game, which I desperately wanted to get 2 wins. 12 gun battery. Let me repeat that…

12 GUN BATTERY! CV, AT4, FP 4+ for only 330pts!! Which let him have ten platoons in total, mostly Veteran and he got to defend so that small deployment section was highly congested and waiting for me to get into the open…

I took what I learnt in the early games and wanted to slap around his reserves before turning on the blob over the objectives. To help, I used barbed wire to smother the centre and had units waiting either side to shoot-up and assault the ATGs/Rifle platoon/mortars/HMGs and light tanks. All the time, I used the tree blobs to block sight from the 12 guns and four observers, while keeping the game going by waiting close. Sniper and air tried to wear down the defenders while I was busy elsewhere.

In the end, I knocked out all of his reserves using the KV, the small pioneer and the Panzer IIIM. However, this took time and my opponent was playing for time (reading his army list in his turn, wandering off for ten minutes to talk to other people during his turn!!) which was annoying. I was VERY lucky in that I was just in range to flame with my big Pios, assault-too-succesful with the Tiger and the Luftwaffe which pushed him off the objective in the last minute of the game.

6-1 to me, even then he tried to claim a draw due to the time… He came 20th.

In general, a fun weekend with great tables. I ended up 12th out of 26, which I’m very pleased with. I’ll upload pictures later.

I need to pick a list with more mobility as I’m bored of sitting back passively, so my halftracks will be re-making an appearance for Brighton in March. The Tiger stays, as does the air. I need some recce, I might get some nebs, SPAAGs, Marders or more 40s… so lot of thinking ahead.


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