Dwarfs vs Lizardmen 1000 points

James G and I had a 1000 point game of Fantasy battles to test out his upcoming tournament list and for me to write another battle report. The Lizardman force has shown up on the outskirts of a small Empire market town. A Dwarven trading caravan is currently residing in town and is accompanied by a guard of some 60 warriors. They are keen to show the humans how it’s done and jump to the defense of the town.


Runesmith, Greatweapon

Thane, Battle standard bearer

[Dw1] 20 dwarf warriors, Great weapons

[Dw2] 20 dwarf warriors, Great weapons

[Dw3] 20 dwarf warriors, Great weapons

(Og) Organ gun

[Ds] Dragon slayer


[Sp] Skink priest, dispel scroll

Saurus veteran, Battle standard bearer, Ruby ring of ruin

[Sa] 25 Saurus warriors, Spears and shields

[Sk 1] 10 Skinks, Blowpipes

[Sk 2] 10 Skinks, Blowpipes

[AS] Ancient Stegadon, Blowpipes


The Dwarf warrior blocks deploy in a row with the Runesmith and Battle standard in the central unit.

The large block of Saurus warriors deploy centrally with the Skink priest nearby.

The ancient Stegadon deploys next to a forest with a unit of Skinks on either flank of the battle line.

The Skink priest takes Wyssan’s Wildform and Flock of Doom from the lore of beasts.

Turn 1 – Dwarves

The Dwarf battle line advances.

The organ gun is out of range to any targets.

Turn 1 – Lizardmen

Both units of Skinks and the Stegadon advance.

The Saurus warriors do not move to remain out of range of the organ gun as does the Skink priest.

The Lizardman magic phase is uneventful as the Dwarf Runesmith dispels the Skink priest’s efforts to cast Flock of Doom and the Saurus Battle standard’s Ruby ring of ruin.

One of the Skink units fires at the closest Dwarf unit and two die to poison blowpipes.

The board after both armies have advanced.

Turn 2 – Dwarves

The Dwarf unit closest to the Skink skirmishers attempts a long charge, the Skinks stand and shoot, killing two Dwarves as their charge falls ‘short’.

The other two warrior units advance and the Dragon slayer makes his way towards the Stegadon and away from the advancing Skink’s blowpipes.

The organ gun crew sense a chance to panic the advancing Skinks on their left flank but misfire and cannot fire this turn.

The Skinks stand and shoot at the Dwarf warriors.

Turn 2 – Lizardmen

The Skinks on the left advanced into the woods and discover a fungus forest, they shoot at the Dwarf warriors infront of them and kill one of their number.

The Saurus warriors cautiously advance as does the Skink priest, ensuring he remains out of sight of the organ gun.

The Stegadon shuffles forwards and combined with shooting from the Skinks nearby they kill four Dwarves from the Runesmith’s unit.

The magic phase is largely uneventful with the Dwarves dispelling all but Wyssen’s Wildform cast on the Skinks in the fungus forest.

Turn 3 – Dwarves

Two of the Dwarf units declare a charge on the ancient Stegadon.

The first unit is successful and while the second unit rolls enough to get into combat there is not enough room to rank up in the Stegadon’s front arc and the charge fails.

The third unit of Dwarves advances to cover the flank of the now exposed Runesmith’s unit.

The Dragon slayer continues to run towards the Stegadon.

The organ gun fires at the Saurus warriors and three of them fall to lead shot.

The Stegadon and its crew kill two Dwarves in the ensuing combat and in turn looses two wounds, the Stegadon easily passes its leadership test being both stubborn and cold blooded.

One unit of Dwarves gets into combat with the Stegadon.

Turn 3 – Lizardmen

The Saurus warriors charge into the flank of the Runesmith’s unit.

The Skinks in the fungus forest pass their stupidity test and fire on the Dwarves infront of them but cause no casualties.

The other Skink unit advances and fires on the lone Dragon Slayer, he dies pincushioned by poison darts.

The Skink priest throws all his power dice at Wissen’s Wildform to turn the Saurus warriors into monsters of strength and toughness but is dispelled by the Dwarf Runesmith.

The Saurus warriors break the Runesmith’s unit on the charge, the Dwarven Battle standard bearer and unit standard are cut down but the rest of the unit escapes by running through the nearby buildings.

The Stegadon kills four Dwarves and loses no wounds in return, the Dwarves lose the combat but are steadfast and pass their leadership test.

The Saurus warriors pile into the Dwarves.

The Dwarves break and flee but outrun the Saurus attackers.

Turn 4 – Dwarves

The fleeing Runesmith and his unit rally and reform ready to enter the building infront of them.

The Stegadon kills a further four Dwaves but looses two wounds in return, the Dwarves are still steadfast and hold.

The remaining Dwarves charge into the rear of the Saurus warriors, they slay five lizardmen, breaking their resolve, running them down and persuing into the unsuspecting Skinks behind.

The organ gun fires at the Skinks in the forest but misfires again and cannot shoot this turn.

The Dwarves break the Saurus warriors with a rear charge.

They then pursue into the Skinks behind.

Turn 4 – Lizardmen

The Skinks in the woods fail their stupidity test and stumble forward.

The Skink priest advances towards the Skinks in combat and augments them with Wyssen’s Wildform with a very high casting roll.

The Skinks in combat manage to kill one Dwarf but six of them die in return causing them to break and flee.

They are caught and run down by their Dwarven persuers.

The Stegadon reduces the Dwarves it is in combat with down to five in number, it looks set to finish off the unit with a thunderstomp but the Dwarves remove its last wound before it gets the chance.

They reform to face the Skink priest.

Squeaky bum time for the Skink priest.

Turn 5 – Dwarves

The Runesmith’s unit enters the building closest to them as there bretheren behind them reform.

The five Dwarves left from their battle with the Stegadon charge at the Skink priest who elects to flee from combat and escapes.

The organ gun finally has a bead on the Skink priest in the open and fires upon him.

The crew have obviously been using dodgy gunpowder for the entire battle because they misfire yet again, only this time it explodes killing the crew.

Run away!


Turn 5 – Lizardmen

The Skink priest fails to rally and continues to flee.

The Skink skirmishers advance into the flank of the small unit of Dwarf warriors and kill two of them with poison blowdarts.

The Dwarves pass their panic check.

The Skinks fire on the diminished Dwarves.

Turn 6 – Dwarves

The Skinks firing upon the Dwarves with poison blowpipes are out of their charge arc so the Dwarves march into the forest in an attempt to gain some cover from the abyssal woods.

The Runesmith remains withing the cover of the building and the final unit of Dwaves marches toward the Skinks.

Turn 6 – Lizardmen

The Skink priest rallies this turn to cast Flock of Doom at the Dwarves in the forest with irresistable force.

The spell causes no damage and the priest loses all his magic levels.

The Skinks fire at the Dwarves in front of them but with the cover provided by the forest they are unable to benefit from the poisoned darts and only one Dwarf dies.

The Dwarves pass their panic check and the game ends with a victory to the Dwarves.

The Dwarven Runesmith emerged from his hiding place strategic holdfast in the human building. A tiny dazed and drooling Lizard creature with a cracked skull mask is thrown at his feet by several battered and bruised Dwarf warriors. The Skink priest cowers in front of the Runesmith, who feels tall for once in his life, and attempts to speak in Dwarvish tongue, “Ur-bur Vi-th-ang Ga-laz Um-gi, Da-wi On-grun”. Upon hearing these words the smug look on the Runesmith’s face slowly disappears. A human merchant comes running out from cover waving his arms in the air “What have you done? Those creatures have been trading for supplies with us for months”. The Runesmith is shocked at this human confirming the Skink’s story, taking a moment to compose himself and hide any embarrassment at attacking these allies, he turns to the human and says calmly, “I believe these monsters have been paying for your supplies in gold, I think we had best re-negotiate the price of the ale you wish to purchase from us”.

Maps by Battle Chronicler.


12 comments on “Dwarfs vs Lizardmen 1000 points
  1. Brown says:

    Damn your dwarfy luck

  2. sanj says:

    I knew I had a chance to beat your Saurus with a rear charge putting me at +2 CB before wounds but I expected you to win combat, reform and then destroy me with 20+ attacks the following turn.

    Even when I won the combat I didn’t expect your Saurus to run because they were cold blooded with a re-roll.

    Then when they ran I didn’t expect my Dwarves to catch them either.


    That combat flipped the whole game on it’s head!

  3. Zak says:



    You fancy doing another battle report like this when the new dwarfs come out?



  4. sanj says:

    Zak said


    You fancy doing another battle report like this when the new dwarfs come out?



    Sure I’m up for it.

    Is the new book out on the 15th?

    I’ve got a half finished report from a game I had with Alan to post up before then too.

  5. Zak says:

    Probably around that sort of time, not to sure, would be fun to do a 1500 point game at the end of the month maybe?

  6. sanj says:

    The book is out on the 15th so I’ll be ready for the 18th or 25th.


  7. Brown says:

    Will you be getting the new gyrocopter sanj ?

  8. Zak says:

    Want to do the 25th? 1000 or 1500 or any size for that matter 

  9. sanj says:

    Sure the 25th is good.

    Lets say 1500 points but it might change depending on the book and what I will be able to field fully painted.

  10. Zak says:

    Sounds Good to me, want to come up with lists that complement each other, or just bring normal? 



  11. sanj says:

    I have no idea, I just want to play with new toys!

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