Dwarfs vs Bretonnians 1000 points

On Tuesday 17th September 2013 Paul B and I decided to have a last minute game of fantasy at the club. We kept the points limit low so we could practice taking notes for a battle report and settled on 1000 points each.
The Dwarves are attempting to reclaim a precious heirloom gifted to the Bretonnians countless years past. The heirloom has been buried with the Bretonnian town’s recently deceased Lord and the Dwarves want it back.
They launch an offensive on the human graveyard and the town’s militia and retinue of knights have mustered to its sacred defense.


  • Runesmith, General Great weapon, Shield, Rune of Stone
    81 points
  • Thane, Battle Standard Bearer Rune of stone
    95 points
  • [Dw1] 20 dwarf warriors Great weapons
    200 points
  • [Dw2] 25 dwarf warriors Great weapons
    250 points
  • [Dw3] 20 dwarf warriors Great weapons
    200 points
  • [Og] Organ gun
    120 points
  • [Ds] Dragon slayer
    50 points

Total: 996 points


  • Paladin, General Wyrmlance, Virtue of duty
    126 points
  • Paladin, Battle Standard Bearer Virtue of the joust, Heartwood lance, Charmed shield
    135 points
  • [MaA] 30 Men at Arms, halberds, shields Full command
    180 points
  • [K1] 8 Knights
    192 points
  • [K1] 8 Knights
    192 points
  • [T] Trebuchet
    90 points
  • [S] 5 Yeomen
    80 points

Total: 995 points


Dwarves finish deployment first and win the first turn, the woods on the right are a blood forest and a normal woods on the left.
The centre block of warriors contain the Runesmith and Battle standard bearer.
The organ gun and dragon slayer set up in the right woods.
Bretonnians choose to pray, granting a 5+ ward save for all knights in their army.
Their battle standard bearer is in block [K1] and army general is in block [K2].
The Trebuchet sets up behind the walls of the graveyard along with the Yeomen.

Turn 1 – Dwarves

The yeomen take their 12″ vanguard move. The three dwarf warrior units advance as does the dragon slayer.
The organ gun takes a shot at the general’s unit, killing two knights.

Turn 1 – Bretonnians

The yeomen advance to draw the first block of Dwarven warriors away from the men at arms. The men at arms and two knight units all advance.
The trebuchet takes a shot at the organ gun and scores a direct hit but only wounds two of the three crew.
The yeomen fire their bows at the dwarves and kill one warrior.

The Yeomen position themselves to prevent the Dwarves overrunning into the men at arms.

Turn 2 – Dwarves

The first unit of dwarf warriors declare a charge on the yeomen. They chose to receive the charge to draw them away from the men at arms and are slaughtered for their efforts. The dwarves reform to face the men at arms.
The other two warrior units advance.
The dragon slayer is running around on the right flank.
The organ gun takes a shot at the Battle standard’s unit and kills two knights.

The Yeomen before being wiped out.

Turn 2 – Bretonnians

Charges are declared across the board.
The Tebuchet shoots at the organ gun yet again but misfires and cannot fire again this turn or the next.
The men at arms charge the central dwarf unit and kill one warrior but lose six of their own in return. They lose the combat but are steadfast and pass their leadership test.
Both knight units charge into the third dwarf warrior unit. Eight dwarves die to the charge and a further three to the General’s Wyrmlance.
The dwarves manage to score one wound to the battle standard bearer but this does little to strengthen their resolve. They flee from combat and are swiftly run down by both knight units.

All charge!

Get stuck in, note the Dwarven casualties piling up in the background.

The Dwarves can’t hold up to the brutal charge of the Knights.

The Knights make ‘short’ work of running the Dwarves down.

Turn 3 – Dwarves

Dwarf unit [Dw1] charges into the flank of the men at arms combat. The men at arms manage to fell four dwarves but the two dwarf units kill 10 men in return. The men at arms break and flee. One of the dwarf units gives chase but their stubby little legs are not up to the task. The second unit of dwarves reform to face the knights behind them.
The dragon slayer decides to stop sniffing flowers out on the flank and runs to where the action is at.
The organ gun opens fire on the Bretonnian general’s unit. It scores a massive ten hits and four knights fall to the lead shot. The general panics and flees, leaving the unit’s standard behind.

It doesn’t look good for the men at arms.

They break and flee but easily outrun their Dwarven pursuers.

Turn 3 – Bretonnians

Both the army’s general and men at arms rally to face the enemy.
The remaining unit of knights move out of the charge arc of the closest dwarf warriors.

Turn 4 – Dwarves

The Runesmith’s warrior unit reforms to face the Bretonnian general.
The remaining dwarf unit charges into the men at arms killing five of them and loosing two dwarves in return. The men at arms loose combat but hold fast.
The dragon slayer charges into the Bretonnian general and they cause a wound to each other.
The organ gun fires in the back of the knights and kills one of their number.

Turn 4 – Bretonnians

The knights reform and advance on the flank of the Runesmith’s unit.
The men at arms break and flee from combat with the dwarves but are chased down and destroyed.
The Trebuchet fires at the organ gun but the shot deviates massively onto the ensuing combat between the dragon slayer and their general. Both combatants are squashed under a massive rock much to the dismay of the Trebuchet operators.

The Dwarves finally chase down the men at arms.

Both the Bretonnian general and dragon slayer are crushed under a mighty stone.

Turn 5 – Dwarves

The Runesmith’s unit reforms to receive a charge from the Bretonnian knights. The other unit reforms to face the Tebuchet.
The organ gun fires into the flank of the knights in front of it but misfires and explodes for its trouble.

Turn 5 – Bretonnians

The remaining Bretonnian knights charge into the Dwarf Runesmith’s unit slaughtering five Dwarves with no casualties in return. The dwarves loose the combat but are steadfast and hold.
The Trebuchet fires at the closest dwarf unit, scoring a direct hit and killing ten of their number.

The dwarves manage to hold against the relentless charge of the knights.

Turn 6 – Dwarves

After receiving massive casualties from the Bretonnian Trebuchet, the surviving Dwarf warriors charge into the machine, destroying it and butchering the crew.
Many lives are lost in the in the on going combat between Dwarf warrior and Bretonnian knights. Yet another five Dwarves fall to the Knights, even without the momentum of their powerful charge. The Dwarves cut down five Knights in return leaving the enemy battle standard to fight alone.

The Trebuchet is destroyed.

Turn 6 – Bretonnians

In a valiant effort the Bretonnian Battle standard bearer kills two Dwarves as they unhorse him and trample him into the mud.
The game ends with a victory to the dwarves.
Their success is arguably down to the organ gun scoring a high number of hits on the Bretonnian General’s unit and removing a whole unit of Knights from the game. Otherwise both units of Knights would have been able to comfortably out manoeuvre and break each Dwarf unit one by one with combined charges.

All alone the last paladin falls in combat.

The Dwarven Runesmith brushed his brethern aside as they cracked open the recently sealed tomb. Peering through the settling dust a faint glint is visible through the gloom. The Runesmith snatches up the metallic object and inspects it in the sunlight. Holding the object he turns it over in his hands blowing off the dust of the tomb and spitting on the metal surface. He proceeds to rub the glob of phlegm with his sleeve, polishing the heirloom to a dazzling shine.
Looking up with a triumphant expression on his face the Runesmith marches proudly over to an awaiting baggage train. Turning a tap on the nearest cart releases a frothing amber liquid which pours into the now sparkling reclaimed artifact.
“Much too good of a tankard to bury, we should never have given this to the humans in the first place” he mumbled to himself before quenching his thirst with several mighty gulps.

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