Club Events Proposals

We at the SWC encourage all members to run their own events.  This helps our community grow and fosters a competitive spirit.  If you want to run your own event, be it on a club night or over a weekend, please contact a member of the council.

The council will take care of all Health and Safety and arranging a date for your event.  You can state a preference for the date of your event, but the final decision must be made by the council to best arrange it around other club events.

It is important to note the following for your event:

– The Club has a reserve of cash available for supporting your event.
– The event must not interfere with the normal running of the club.
– You are limited by what the club has available.
– All cash must be handled by the club treasurer.
– All damages must be made good.

The event will then be reviewed by the council, who may ask you to make changes or clarify your plan before final approval.

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