Negative Waves, Man

Hi Guys,

At the club we fully endorse the right for every member to have an opinion about just about anything they want.  That does not mean it is always appropriate to post it in topics.  Here is a general guideline:

  • You think something is too expensive

Dont buy it.  If someone else likes it, they will buy it.  Toy soldiers are a luxury and have no value, so selling them for a penny is technically overpriced.  We are all capable of reading the price tag and deciding if we are going to buy it.  Dont comment about price unless it is vital to the conversation.

  • You dont like a game, or its rules

Dont play it. Dont comment about it unless you are being constructive.  Eg: “Heldrakes are a powerful army choice, and I am struggling to find a counter, can anyone help?”.  The opposite of this would be “Heldrakes are dirty stinking cheese and broke the game, I rage quit.”


If you do wish to make comments against these guidelines, please do them here…

… where all the rest of the internet heroes who hate GW hang out.


Seriously guys, we dont need hater comments of any type on these forums. So before you hit the enter key, double check if you are actually adding anything worthwhile to the conversation.

4 comments on “Negative Waves, Man
  1. Brown says:

    lol, my negativity’s nothing compared to those guys in the general forum. 

  2. Tony says:

    I would take the hint rather than think up smart arse remarks Laugh

  3. Gary says:

    I love passive aggressive Tony hahah

  4. Tony says:

    I dont ‘do’ passive.


    I forgot to mention trolling. All trolling will now be deleted without warning.


    This is the public face of the club guys, do it in person or not at all.  Like I do :D

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