Games Workshop Vs Chapter House Studio Court Verdict

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This court case has been long in getting to its verdict, starting well over eighteen months ago.  There have various twists and turns, the biggest of which was the pro bona that Chapter House Studio (CHS) secured.  Games Workshop (GW) was caught doing naughty legal business and has finally had to define what is and what is not their intectual property (IP).  Here is far more in depth article with specific breakdowns of verdicts:


It seems to me  to be a fairly logical outcome, in that GW has protected what it has created and owns.  It has lost on issues such as physical properties of their products (size, shape and scale) and generic gaming terms.  If the case is finalised as is, CHS will probably be forced to disapear.  But no matter what the result GW has lost long term, as this cites precedent of what they can and cannot defend. 

All in all, this outcome has been a great sucess for the hobby.  Because of this case, any further cease and desists can be challenged in court for a fraction of the cost, or not issued at all.  As GW cannot bully after market manafacturers, this may prompt them to make their own lines of shoulder pads to target this market.  I hope so.

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  1. Mashurface says:

    While it is indeed positive in the long term, I feel it unfortunate that GW has “lost” 65% of the charges, but is still going to get a shitton of money and quite likely destroy this company which has fought so hard for aftermarket manufacturers everywhere. Might just be my black or white perception showing though.

  2. JohnLawley says:

    $25, 000? That what £13, 000? Shouldn’t destroy a company by a long stretch. 

  3. Tony says:

    £13,000 is a hella lot of money for any small business, but peanuts for GW.  65% of those claims may seem alot, but consider they said that the aquila was their IP…

  4. JohnLawley says:

    Are they that small?  Being in US I’m guessing there not that small and with what they won I’d imagine a bank would be happy enough to lend them yhe dough

  5. Tony says:

    Wait and see.  I dont imagine they are that large, as they are operating a niche within a niche (think of how few people in the world play GW games, how many GW customers play 40k, how many 40k players want custom shoulder pads, how many of those actually go out and buy them)

  6. Crabid says:

    Lol, they should do a kickstarter and see how many people will pay to spite GW

  7. Cheers for updating us on this Tony. Very interesting :)

  8. thyrus says:

    if it was the uk…go bankrupt…re-start with a new person as director…

    depends if he mortgaged his house on the business..

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